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  1. I installed 1.1a3 version. Best version until now. It improved benchmark transfer by about 3MB/s on my test harddrive to 87MB/s (WD5000BPVT) Didn't notice any stalls.
  2. Hi, there is a lot of improvement with the new version. My USB 3.0 external harddrive gets detected and shows under Super Speed. No more system stalls when inserting the device. Copying data over from external to internal drive does show something funny: It looks like it is reading a block of data, then stops, reads a block again (blocks as in around 64mb at a time). This is by looking at the progress bar during copy and the drive activity led on the external drive. Copying the same file under windows 7 (x64 home premium with usb 3.0 driver) look more smooth, and the activity light continues flashing without "pause". the xhcdump runnning and caps didn't change. Edit: I did some benchmarks and this shows a transferspeed of around 43MB/s. This could be the HDD inself not the USB 3.0 host/kext. I will try tomorrow with a different HDD. Windows benchmark show the same drive around 45MB/s (different benchmark software, so not really fair to compare 1 to 1)
  3. I attached 3 screen dumps: First shot is how I am running without your Kext Second shot is after installing your kext with Kext Helper B7 (before reboot) Third shot is after reboot and your kext installed. There is no change in any of the xhcdump output before or after I plug in a USB device
  4. As requested: the xhcdump caps and running output. These are without any kernel flags. I assume these will give the best results. caps.txt running.txt
  5. Sorry to be the first to report a not working. Acer S3 intel i3 with Intel Series 7 chipset. OSX 10.8.2 stock kext did not work, but was reporting usb 3.0. With your kext it shows both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 Without the -gux_defer_usb2 flag I am missing the HD webcam showing up in System Information. Plugging in a usb 3.0 device into the usb port "stalls" the system for about 15 seconds. It comes back without anything showing as connected. Plugin a usb 2.0 device does work since it is deferred to the USB 2.0 kext from the stock kext. Without the "defer" flag, usb 2.0 doesn't show up either. I'm sure it is a strange combination on my ultrabook, I had problems with video as well since on a Series 7 OSX expects intel 4000HD and not the 3000HD. I had no luck with other kext before.
  6. Hi, I'm using Leo 10.5.7 on my Asus 900 with Voodoo 9.5 SSE2 Kernel. I can (have) succesfully changed the eeprom on my wifi card. OSX still doesn't want to use this card as "native". I still have to use IO80211Family 2.1.2 kext and use KisMac to activate. With KisMac it works perfectly, so I know the card works under OSX. When I try with the original IO80211 kext that comes with the 10.5.7 upgrade OSX doesnt recognize any airport. Any suggestions which Ven ID/Dev ID I should use (could try) to get this card working natively?? Thanks