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  1. Well I just found out that its the Linksys Wireles-N card :-) The card is specifically the WUSB600N. I used verbose mode to log in and and then eyeballed it as it shutdown. It ran quickly but I caught a glimpse of it saying something to the extent of "either remove inet6 from en0" and then vanished...I figured "what the hell..." The Ralink adapter has to have it's program constantly running to stay connected; specifically if the wifi SSID is password encrypted. So I rebooted then closed the program, removed the adapter from its base and shutdown. It was a perfect shutdown :-) Now the only question remains is why the adapter did that. Either some brave soul may want to look into it or we have to wait on a fix from Ralink that makes the adapter and its drivers work correctly for 10.5.8.
  2. Well, first off I want anyone willing to help to know that I have a complete bootable backup drive just for testing OSX updates. So there is no worries that I will crash my main system. That said. On my main drive I have 10.5.7. Hardware specs are in my sig. The hacks I have are: * Chameleon 2 RC3 * an EFI string in the boot.plist for the TimeMachine fix; * LegacyAppleAHCIPort (patched with/for JMicron), LegacyAppleYukon2 (for Marvell Yukon 88E8056 nic), LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage, OpenHaltRestart, current VoodooPower, Disabler, AppleDecrypt, and Natit (for gfx). * I also use an old skippyretard installer for audio that patches AppleHDA (works fine for me) and a JMicron installer to install a newer JMicron kext. The kexts are all in the main extensions folder. I never had good experiences utilizing the Extra folder. Everything works fantastic including sleep, shutdown and restart. I am a little late in the 10.5.8 update rush because I had some pretty major tragedies go on in my life a few months back. I am back in the the hackintosh world, so to speak, and tested the 10.5.8 update on my backup. Everything but sleep and shutdown worked. I fixed sleep with the pista7 sleepenabler.kext. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why shutdown doesn't work. The system logs out, I hear a click in my tower, the spinning wheel spins, and then the monitors shutdown completely. The fans and LED's on my tower keep right on truckin' though. Anyone have an idea what is causing this and what I should tinker with? Thanks, Jeff
  3. That's wrong. I hotswap my internal drives all the time. All you have to do is eject the drive in disk utility first. That is one the reasons the industry is going AHCI and SATA=hotswap.
  4. As the title says, I found a page online that has a very recent and extensive list of PC/ Mac ethernet cards that are compatible in OSX. Some from Netgear and Trendnet use the Realtek8169s chipset, and the driver for OSX is on Realtek's webpage. I am going to Fry's today to pick up the Trendnet card for $10. My Marvell Yukon works but it's not seen as en(0) and that's necessary for proper functioning of Final Cut's Compressor. $10 is worth not messing with this thing anymore. I hope this link helps some of you out: Ethernet cards
  5. jeff4760

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    I think I tried -f after I removed it but I could be wrong. And yes I am using disabler, and I am curious if it is supposed to be removed when using dsdt. I thought it was but a "trusted" source said to keep the disabler when using dsdt. I haven't ever had any problems booting with all four cores so far. And I did check the aliases fix in the patcher window. As far as BIOS editing, I dont really want to use any patched BIOS until I know the fix works 100% (which I can do with this patcher). A couple of days from now I might be able to test this stuff again on a backup. All in all I assumed the patcher did more than just the HPET, RTC, Aliases, and device IDs so that is why I was messing with it. By it stating that it patched ACPI and DSDT, I figured that was a good thing. I didnt need an RTC or HPET patch because those kexts opperated fine in their vanilla state in 10.5.6 (with vanilla kernel). If I am not choosing HPET, and RTC (and possibly Aliases), is this patcher even necessary to use? I can't use Tm fix, and Audio I like the fix I found. Graphics would be the only thing it's good for, and for that--->natit. I hate to sound noobish, if I do, but the documentation on this has been lacking, so again, if this is good to patch ACPI and DSDT and that is essentially necessary/ a good thing, then I will attempt to use it. If those aren't really important in the long run, then I am ok without using it. Thanks for your help and input though.
  6. jeff4760

    USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Slice, I just wanted to report to you your kexts on my Gigabyte P965, ICH-8 chipset. The IOPCIFamily.kext you provided caused a kernel panic so I removed it. The IOUSBMassStorage kext caused all my internal hard drives to be recognized as external (orange icons). The IOUSBFamily plugins did no noticeble difference to my system. All my USB ports work anyways but speeds are around 5 MB/s so I figurred this would help. With your plugins the speed stayed the same. Everything was installed properly so there was no operator error. I don't know if these are not supposed to work on ICH8 anyways and/ or if the 5 MB/s is a normal speed, but if not and you have any ideas on how to get a real 2.0 speed (which I thought bordered 25-30 MB/s) on these P965 ICH8 boards then that would be much appreciated.
  7. jeff4760

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Thanks Koalala for the TM info. I was starting to think it wasn't working due to my board. About the shutdown/restart stuff. I actually never assumed/ intended to use dsdt.aml (from your patcher) to fix that. I always fixed it with Openhaltrestart.kext. What I was trying to get across (and I apologize if I didnt make sense) was that somehow the dsdt.aml broke my shutdown/restart/sleep capabilities. Stellarolla says it shouldn't but I can confirm from literally a whole day's worth of testing-on just your patcher- that somehow it breaks my shutdown/ etc. stuff. I am not saying it is your patcher, but it could be your patcher. All I am saying is that using dsdt.aml broke it, and furthermore it stayed broken after I removed the dsdt file. All of this testing was done on a completely fresh install (on my backup drive) of Leopard 10.5.6 updated from retail 10.5.4. So, nothing could have been in the way of my testing. If you think you would like to look into the shutdown stuff, I would gladly test on a new fresh install, because I have about 4 empty drives laying around. OMN, I am attaching the IOREG file as you asked: Jeffs_Mac_Pro.zip As Koalala has just said, the TM patcher is basically useless for my board so that can be ignored. The sound patches I don't bother with because you still have to patch AppleHDA and Skippyretard's old installer is a beauty on my board. The graphics I chose the ATI 3800 series (of course), Megalodon, use GFXDSDT (of course), 512 MB, PCI-0, and the PEPG option. If you would like to look at why the shutdown stuff breaks when using dsdt go ahead. If it is too much trouble or not feasible thats ok. The only kexts I have to hack are IONetworking and AppleHDA-the rest being Legacy/ disabler/ openhaltrestart/ etc- so I am not too worried if dsdt.aml doesn't work for me.
  8. jeff4760

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    I am using the F13 revision from Gigabyte; BIOS You are welcome to take a look at it. My signature is my hardware. I was able to get graphics with Megalodon and choosing the PEPG button as well (choosing GFX DSDT only didnt work). TM was never fixed and futhermore, after I removed the dsdt.aml file and used natit for graphics and a hacked IONetworkingFamily for ethernet, TM still wouldnt work. Something in the dsdt.aml file screwed up the system because that hacked ehternet fix always worked before, and going back to it didnt. Restart only worked after using openhaltrestart, and NOT selecting the HPET and RTC patches in the patcher. Sleep still wouldnt work. Needless to say it was a day wasted and I have gone back to using natit, and hacked kexts since this patcher couldnt take their place. Many thanks though to Stella for spending some damn long time troubleshooting with me, and apologies for that stuff not working.
  9. jeff4760

    Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    You are the {censored}! That fixed it! This and along with the About the Mac fix from eddie11c has everything listed perfectly for my CPU. Thank you so much for finding and posting that. I havent looked at the XXX disc so I would have never found it.
  10. jeff4760

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    I wasn't setting random places for the ethernet adapter. It says PEX4 in IOreg, but it's a branch of the PCI0. Like I said I tried both just to be sure. Please don't assume I'm stupid because I have a low post count. I did say that I read the entire thread. Does this only offer a Time Machine fix, or does it fix "internet" as well? Time Machine is not fixed, and I even had Stellarolla helping me out. Internet and time machine only works with hacked kexts. I also cannot get shutdown/restart to work properly when using this patcher. Before, with hacked kexts, sleep/shutdown/restart worked perfectly. Now, it goes to sleep using dsdt.aml, but shutdown and restart either take forever or don't work. I have tried openhaltrestart, and the EHCIsleepenabler fix from Superhai. EHCI kept my system from booting properly and neither fix shutdown/restart while using dsdt. Can someone suggest another a solution? I have checked all "fixes" in the main tab of the ACPI Patcher, if that makes a difference.
  11. jeff4760

    ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Koalala, I read through this entire thread to get the jist of this DSDT stuff because I initially had no idea. I ended up patching the F13 version of the BIOS for my Gigabyte P965-DS3 (rev. 3.3) mobo, and am happy to report that the main fixes work, as well does the GFX fix for my ATI 3870. I can't, however, get the ethernet working or the audio. I am not too worried about the audio because I can use Skippyretard's old installer that works perfectly. The LAN confuses me though because I have tried every combination to try to get it t work. I have tried PEX4, and PCI0 as locations and neither LAN0 nor GIGE fixes work with those locations. I even tried those combinations with TM Fix checked on and off, as well as the GP9 fix on and off; all in the most combinations you could make from them. You mentioned in this thread that you have one of these boards. Did you get LAN working on that one and how? Jeff
  12. jeff4760

    About this Mac

    Hey eddie11c, Is this supposed to change the info in System Profiler as well? The reason I ask is because I have an Intel Q6600, and I cant for the life of me get a "Processor Name" field to show up. Your installer does fix About This Mac, and thanks for that, but I am still looking for a way to fix my problem. I have matched up my install to parallel another person's to figure out why Compressor keeps crashing on me (it shows "Compressor Transcoder: Not Responding" in the Activity Monitor) right after I open it, and the failed service stays after I close the program. I have retail installed with a 10.5.4 disc, tried every bootloader there is, all the SMBIOS options, vanilla and voodoo kernels, and various configurations of OSX updates matched with Quicktime and Final Cut Suite updates; and nothing seems to fix this. The above System Profiler problem I am having doesn't happen for the other guy, and he's got the same processor. My train of thought in problem-solving has led me to believe that this is the culprit. I am in dire need of help from anyone that feels/ thinks they have an answer. Thanks again for the installer though, and here's hoping you might have a fix for this as well
  13. jeff4760

    Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    That's already been changed from the eddie11c installer. Still no System Profiler change though. Is no one else having this issue?
  14. jeff4760

    Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    So is there any way to get a correct CPUID showing for certain Core 2 Quads? I have a Q6600 and I don't have a Processor Name field in System Profiler either. I know it's cosmetic, but I'm wondering if that is what is causing Compressor to crash with "Compresser Transcoder: Not Responding" in the Activity Monitor. Compressor is a highly processor intensive program. If there is a fix for this I would be grateful to know about it.
  15. jeff4760

    Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    Excerpt of dmidecode from macPro1,1 Handle 0x001C, DMI type 0, 24 bytes. BIOS Information Vendor: Apple Computer, Inc. Version: MP11.88Z.005D.B00.0709141354 Release Date: 09/14/07 Address: 0x00000 Runtime Size: 1024 kB ROM Size: 2048 kB Characteristics: PCI is supported BIOS is upgradeable BIOS shadowing is allowed Boot from CD is supported Selectable boot is supported ACPI is supported Smart battery is supported BIOS boot specification is supported Function key-initiated network boot is supported BIOS Revision: 0.0 Firmware Revision: 0.0 Handle 0x001D, DMI type 1, 27 bytes. System Information Manufacturer: Apple Computer, Inc. Product Name: MacPro1,1 Version: 1.0 Serial Number: G87421B908S UUID: 9CFE245E-D0C8-BD45-A79F-54EA5FBD3D97 Wake-up Type: Power Switch SKU Number: System SKU# Family: MacPro Handle 0x001E, DMI type 2, 16 bytes. Base Board Information Manufacturer: Apple Computer, Inc. Product Name: Mac-F4208DC8 Version: PVT Serial Number: Base Board Serial# Asset Tag: Base Board Asset Tag# Features: Board is a hosting board Board is replaceable Location In Chassis: Part Component Chassis Handle: 0x001F Type: Motherboard Contained Object Handles: 0 Handle 0x001F, DMI type 3, 21 bytes. Chassis Information Manufacturer: Apple Computer, Inc. Type: Unknown Lock: Not Present Version: Mac-F4208DC8 Serial Number: G87421B908S Asset Tag: Asset Tag# Boot-up State: Safe Power Supply State: Safe Thermal State: Other Security Status: Other OEM Information: 0x00000000 Heigth: Unspecified Number Of Power Cords: Unspecified Contained Elements: 0 You need to use MacPro1,1 if you want Geekbench to not say "Hackintosh". MacPro3,1 will continue to read as hackintosh. link