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  1. Trimmed it down to just those 5, still doing the same thing. Also tweaked a verb since the digital out is optical. Could be that the connector is shot. Never did try the onboard audio in Windows since the intention from the start was to send everything over HDMI (which is working fine on both platforms). Might be a short on the detection line, I had to pull the front panel out to reconnect one of the USB cords and I might have bumped something I shouldn't have. If it is that I swear I'm gonna shoot something, I've been plugging away at this for 2 days now. Update 1. Audio was exhibiting the same behavior in Windows, so I was assuming a hardware fault. 2. Disconnected the front panel, no joy on the sound but the switching stopped. 3. Rebooted. Still no sound. 4. Cold-booted with HDMI unplugged, lo and behold the audio worked! Reconnected the front panel, no rapid switching, autodetection working fine, sound working. 5. Rebooted, still working. 6. Rebooted back on to the Mac side, no joy and hang upon trying to change audio stuff. 7. Rebooted to Windows, sound had stopped working again. 8. Cold-booted Windows, audio working again. 9. Rebooted Windows again, audio still working. What the hell is going on here? Am I messing something up in the DSDT? Is AppleHDA doing some kind of device reconfiguration that is screwing the hardware on reboot?
  2. I'm trying this out on a P8H61-M, which also has the new card. It hangs the system completely for about 10 minutes on startup. Are you all using the older AppleHDA or a bin-patched version of the newer one? update - it appears that this happens no matter what version of AppleHDA I use. When the system eventually kicks out of its loop, audio still isn't working and the whole system is much less responsive. Removal of the legacy kext restores functionality. I'm using the DSDT edit. update 2 - taking a deeper look in IOreg, it looks like it is switching between headphones and internal speakers rapidly and won't stop. Even though nothing is plugged in. Trying to fix. update 3 - deleted the MuteGPIO keys for IntSpeaker and Headphone. Boots normally now and shows up in System Preferences, but sound output still doesn't work and the system switches between IntSpeaker and Headphone about twice a second. Never had this much trouble with an HDA patch before. update 4 - added the Headphone MuteGPIO key back in, system still loads alright but sound still doesn't work. Clicking in headphones indicates that the switching is still happening about twice a second. System Preferences locks up if I unplug the headphones and won't unlock at all. This is confusing me, it's even more frustrating than the ALC262 that thought it was an ALC892 and had a node graph that looked like someone nuked a yarn convention. Even VoodooHDA choked on that one; this one is worse in that it *almost* works.
  3. Intel HD Graphics / i7 2600

    There is unlikely to be one used in an official mac any time soon, Apple tends to stick with the higher end of Intel's offerings so the lowest common denominator is still probably going to be the HD3000. The other thing I was worried about was sound over integrated HDMI. I know for a fact that I can get this to work with ATI cards (since I've used them in 2 of my 3 hackintosh builds so far) but it's still a blind shot with the Intel graphics.
  4. Intel HD Graphics / i7 2600

    K, good to know. They are the same controller design but the 3000 has twice as many rendering cores. My guess is that it's just being initialized as if it has 12 cores instead of 6 and this is why it craps out when it's handed certain instructions. Screw it, I'll just buy a Radeon 5570. It's got more horsepower anyways.
  5. Intel HD Graphics / i7 2600

    Has anyone tested this with an HD 2000 yet? If I could skip out of buying a discrete card for my next build, that would be wonderful.
  6. What was the error? I'm relatively new with the verbs, so I'm not surprised I made some mistakes I'll load it up and give it a whirl. I can't actually test the digital stuff since I don't have anything with SPDIF, but I can look for any sound assertions that might crop up.
  7. An odd problem. Are you using a modded bios?
  8. If you just want headphone autosensing, use the one I put up a few posts back, it's working fine except for digital out. Digital autosensing won't work, the jacks don't support it. Mic autosensing is possible but on hold for the moment, I've got 2 homework projects to grind through first. Patience
  9. Sounds like a plan. The only problem is that I don't know if I can get the front and rear mic inputs working at the same time, since I'm already having troubles with the number of outputs. The autosensing capability is there, but with the front headphones, in order to get switching to work I had to tell the driver that the back port is actually internal speakers. I'm not sure what the equivalent of this is on the input side of things. Also, the actual hardware only has 2 analog input nodes, while there is 3 jacks. Don't know what will happen if I make multiple connections to the input nodes. I'll see what I can do about it. The digital vs analog thing is easy to do, though. Soon as I'm through with this landslide of homework I'll make separate versions for this. Due to the way the layouts work, autosensing on the headphone jack is pretty much required for all the rear-panel surround jacks to function. People stuck with AC97 front panels may be out of luck on this front...
  10. thx for testing. I was afraid of that... I'll see what I can do to get the digital working. Looks like AppleHDA can only handle a certain number of defined pathmaps at once, I may have to put out separate versions, one for surround and one for digital. For those testing analog surround, the port mappings are listed above. Search the boards for how to actually set up the aggregate device.
  11. Good to hear the autosensing is working, anxiously awaiting the status of digital out Have you looked into DSDT patching at all? It's a way of manually editing the device tables that get passed to the operating system so that it more closely matches what OSX expects to see, rather than exactly what is present in the system (ex. removing the CPU aliases, specifying built-in ethernet, usb controller patches, audio device labelling, etc).
  12. @ Marionez - must be an AC97 front panel then. Jack detection won't work unless the front panel has the detection circuitry built-in; other than that, HDA and AC97 front panels are pin-compatible. Who's the case manufacturer? @ everyone else - I need more testers, 1) for headphone detection, 2) for the surround-sound outputs, and 3) for whether or not I killed the digital outputs accidentally. I don't have any SPDIF gear to try it on. All I know is that it's working perfectly for my purposes but there's a "sound assertion" error happening, which means something's not exactly right.
  13. Is it switching in the preference pane but not functioning, or is nothing happening at all? The headphones should only show up when they're plugged in, they take over for the speaker output... I'll have another look at it. You've got a P5Q and I'm on a P6T SE, the detection functionality may differ between the two (or between our chassis frontpanels, for that matter). Do you have a codec dump handy so I can see if there's anything noticeably different? I'll post the P6T dump as soon as I get home. Perhaps a dumb question, but we're all using cases with HD-capable front panels, right? Asus P6T SE codec - p6tse_codec.txt
  14. The virtual machine will have its own (probably Soundblaster or AC'97) virtual audio card. You'll need a different driver for this.
  15. W00t!!!!! Got headphone autodetection working AND all 4 line out jacks functioning!!! My guess is that AppleHDA can only handle so many outputs at once. When I got autodetect working (thus ensuring that only one of the two was active at once), the 4th jack suddenly started functioning. As a side effect of this, I may or may not have killed the digital outputs. Can people please test this and post results? You'll need: - a clean 10.6.2 copy of AppleHDA --> AppleHDA.kext.zip- HDEFEnabler or HDAEnabler (or DSDT/EFI hack that does the same thing) - the attached ALC1200.kext --> ALC1200.kext.zip Layout: Headphones - front Headphones *** these only show when plugged in and replace the speaker output Green - Speakers Grey/Black/Orange - Line-out (left->right = top->bottom or at least is does on mine) Test plz. I want to know if this works for everyone or if I fluked it.