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  1. A few years ago I used an app called BluePhone Elite that was great. Paired with my Sony Ericsson w910i via bluetooth i was able to have the phone on my pocket and answer the calls on the iMac (that was my machine at the time). Now, a few years latter, I have a hackintosh, with bluetooth paired with my Android phone. I'm able to browse the device and so on, but the app (Blue Phone Elite) does not exists anymore. The only alternative that I found was Phone Amego and I dont like it (and dont work very well) does anyone knows an alternative? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, thanks for your help. Done that, but nothing changed. Stucked on same place! Any further ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there, I just got a Packard Bell with SandyBridge i5 and tried this method with no luck at all. I've got stucked in "DSMOS has arrived".... Any suggestion?
  4. No SLI/Crossfire nedded. Like someone has told before, you can use multiple graphic cards on a Mac. I've been doing that for years, since the PowerMac G3 and even before that. A friend of mine has a MacPro with 3 graphic cards, so he can have 5 monitors connected (can connect another one, all 3 cards are dual head). I believe in hakintosh is exactly the same. If you install 2 suported boards (both dualhead) you can connect 4 displays. No need to connect the boards one to another (like crossfire /SLI or whatever). Having multiple display is just great. I use 2 x 22" for my work as designer, and I would like to have another one, but never less than 2 display. My friend has a MacPro with a 24" has main screen, 2 x 19" dell, and two other 19" of some cheap brand. He use mostly the first three. He is a webdeveloper. On center screen he has the Eclipse/Zend for PHP, at the left Dreamweaver with all HTML the designer send to him, at the right the browser(s), than on the other two he have Adium and Skype, stikies and notepad with some apointments. We use that rig for music mixing too (Apple Logic) and all that display "Real estate" is just great.
  5. From what I was able to see in Gigabyte website that card has just 1 DVI out (plus a D-sub, that i think is an analog out), and I'm searching for a board with two DVI outs, but thanks anyway.
  6. Hi there! I'm about to build my first hackintosh, and the only component that I'm not so sure about is the graphics card. Most of the systems I see around just use one display, but I'm so used to dual displays that I would like to have it. I'm not a gamer at all, so I dont need nothing too fancy. Just a graphics card with two DVI outs capable of drive two 24" displays This is what I've choosed so far: Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 (motherboard) Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (processor) Transcend 2GB DDR-2 PC2-6400 (x 4) (memory) Antec Sonata III with 500w power supply (Box) Sata DVD-R 2 SATA HDD's
  7. I've been working with Mac's for the last 14 years. The thing I like about them is simplicity, the thing I hate is Apple's lack of choice, so I about to build (this week) a Quad Core Hackintosh to replace my very old eMac (and the iMac I've been using from a friend that need's it back). I've been reading this foruns and wiki for weeks, and I can understand that install a Hackintosh is not as easy as a "original" Apple Mac. I'm almost shure I've read somewhere in this forum that it is possible to install the hacked files in a HDD partition and install the system from retail DVD (I have one of those, 10.5.0) and in the future update directly from Apple withou breaking the instalation. Is this true? After all the reading arround here I've already choosed the components that are most compatible and "fit in my pocket". I just cant get what method should I use to make the instalation. Can someone please direct me to a place in this forum that I can use as a guideline to what I need? If it helps I'm going with a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 with Intel Q6600! I'm asking this, and I'm stressing 'cause I've got to return the iMac to my friend this week and have to finish a somewhat big work (website) until the end of next week. I'm making that as a freelancer 'cause I have a day job (things are not easy this days), so I do not have much time for trial and error. After that for sure I'll play with all of that stuff, but now I really need help... Thanks in advance! (sorry for my less good english, I'm portuguese, like obama's dog )
  8. Hi! Somewhere in this forum I saw something about having to patch the bios, or else teh motherboard would not recognize de 4 cores. Does anyone known something about this?
  9. Thanks for the answers! I'm so used to plug'n'play that some of the language is to strange to me Apart from being Portuguese and english is not my main language, I dont know what means that a need a "string" to have my network working. I will further investigate in the foruns. And, yes, firewire is for one of my audio interfaces (the studio one). At home I have a M-audio FastTrack so I'm not worried at all that the onboard audio works, I dont care for that as long USB works... Thanks once again.
  10. I've been a Mac user for 14 years now, but always on the "right" (genuine Apple) side of the fence But now I need to upgrade my home machine (old eMac G4 1.25Ghz) and I'm broke and the best I could possible get was a Mac Mini, and I realize that hackintosh is the way to go now, but the last PC I've build was, maybe, 6 years ago (AMD K7 1.4Ghz). I've passed a few hours on the wiki page looking for compatible components to build my machine with the less troubles possible, and I'm about to shoot myself, 'cause almost every component has something that does not work... I know (more or less) what I want, so I wold like to ask for people who may have a similar configuration and could help me out. I pretend to buy the components at a local electronic store (I'm from Portugal, do not know much stores for components, if some european could me provide some links to some stores it would be apreciated). I'll use this computer mainly for music (Digital Performer 5.13), and what I really need is: - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 - 4Gb of RAM - DualHead Graphics Card (that suport two 24" displays 1980x1200) - Two hard drives (one for system and software, other for audio files) - Fully working USB ports - Fully working Firewire ports - Fully working ethernet port So my main question is: what mobo and graphics card? And if possible where to buy it in europe, ´cause my local store just have Asus.... (or suggest me a nice Asus board and graphics card)