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  1. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    I am maybe too much a newbie but how this loader can be better than a tweaked dsdt?? Actually everything work Graphics sound etc... even power management. Just sleep doesn"t work by itself when I have safari or chrome open (iv'e got pm_notification cancel etc...) thanks in advance for answering
  2. xopher ---> my cpu temp are the same with dsdt speedstep and mac pro cst, than with nullcpu... I juste followed the step of eliade and the Intel speed step tread on X-labs. Also thanks to Eliade, he showed me the way :-) I stil have Hackintosh in geekbench and also a little bug with CPU-i showing me only 3 processor instead of 4(I checked with geekbench the 4th cpu is active as my score is still around 7000) PS: My DSDT for educational purpose, It's for the EP45-DS3R with a Q6600 overclocked at 3.2Ghz with DSDT GFX(9800gt), Intel speedstep(Mac Pro CST), USB Fix, etc.... dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Hi there Thanks to everyone I have almost a perfect setup! Sound/network/Video works! cpu power Managment is done via dsdt ---> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181631 (I had to inject Mac Pro 3,1 cst). Sleep is also working, well everything is ok, BUT :-) .... Geekbench is still telling me that I have a hackintosh instead of a Mac pro 3,1!! I didn't have this problem when y setup was MacPro 2,1, but for powermanagment I had to switch to MacPro 3,1. Any one have any idea why???
  4. Eliade, or someone else with a working dsdt speedstep could post here the dsdt.aml so i can inspire from it!?
  5. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Bios modded for newer AHCI-1.20E

    Hi there!!! Yeah I want it too!!! please! upload!
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Did not try yet but thanks in advance. DSDT patch is the way to go! We could normaly fix brightness, get rid of clamshell.kext and also get a battery icon without any kext. I'm dreaming but it's possible!
  7. Rebranding Atheros AR5006EG to a Vanilla Card

    Hi there!!!! I tried to rebrand an atheros AR5007 from a Samsung NC10, I succefully reanded it with ubuntu, The card is showing now Apple IDs and still working really well in ubuntu, but when I try to boot OSX I have a kenel PAnic: kernel loadable modules in backtrace .... : com.apple.drivers.AirPortBrcm43xx.... dependency com.apple.iokit. IOPCIFAmily (2.6....... Any idea why it's not working under osx??? Update, I tried to play around with IO812etccc...kext by removing the ID 168.e4 from brodcom driver and injecting this value in atheros drivers but the result is no go snifff :-( help!
  8. Alternative NVIDIA 10.5.6 Quicktime 7.55/7.6 Mouse Lag Fix

    Thanks!!!! works for me! The rom flashing for my 8800 was not working!!! Thanks!!! By the way, what this kext is meant to do?
  9. tried both rom, I'm having the same issues than Leoopardoo. snifff!
  10. Maybe it's only th vendor ID and card ID ?
  11. no kernel panic, I get the Apple logo with the wheel after a while it just freeze! (and still weird graphics and colors)
  12. I tried the g92.rom but after a reboot, i had sone weird graphics in bios and osx not loading... so assuming it was due to bad memory timming in the 92.rom, i edited it with nbitor and i've copied my seeting from the backup of my original bios to override g92.rom timmings, flashed back my 9800gt(g92)512mo with the upgraded g92.rom and I still have the same weird graphics.... I had to revert bacl to my original bios! any idea ho to make it work?
  13. ok confrère! I will try to find where is my old pci vga card first and try it! i will report back if it works!
  14. i've checked my card, it is a Twinteck 9800 gt 512Mo nvflash -- check report me 512kX1S so it is no compatible, right?? Is there anyway to fix it??
  15. PCEFI v9 Installer Raid Edition !

    Thanks, this was the only reason why I didn't use pcefiv9!!!! thanks again!!!!