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  1. Thanks, but I didn't get it in PMs or email, please send again, or post up somewhere ty
  2. I have the Yosemite installer on my USB stick and I get Clover to boot fine, but when it tries to launch the installer it does this: Any idea what's causing that?
  3. Can you repost the config list? I am running the same mobo with an i5 4690k, and GTX670. Expected no issues, but clover is doing this:
  4. I actually had the kernel panic problem as well when I tried installing to the partition that I booted into... (After the 10.5.5 update finished installing.) I tried booting to a different OS X partition and selecting my test partition as the target for the install and it worked fine... (It didn't even ask for a restart after the update was complete, for obvious reasons.) Hope that helps someone.
  5. Another smashing success for  Mysticus C* working first try with 9.2 sleep kernel Any reason to try the 9.5 kernel?
  6. @verdant: off topic, but idk if your PM box is still full or if you are reading your email so I am posting here because I know you will read this. I have your nForce ata bootloader on my flash drive now and I will test it tomorrow when I get home.
  7. Nvidia G92 (8800GT) support in 10.5.2

    Hi, my EVGA 8800GTS (G92) is working fine via NVinject512...(with QE support, and the works) the only problem is that if the display is allowed to go to sleep (or if I switch it off with the button and then back on again) I get stuck at a blue screen. Sometimes I see the desktop flash and then the blue screen comes up, but no combination of keystrokes or mouseclicks can get me back to the desktop... Any idea what causes this or how to fix it? Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  8. EVGA 780i Motherboard

    Verdant wasn't "elected" to the job of trying to help you get your install working, so I really don't see how he failed you. He made some suggestions(he never said, "DO THIS, BECAUSE IT WILL DEFINITELY FIX IT"), and just because his suggestions didn't happen to work, that doesn't mean if you had more patience and were willing to try more things you couldn't get it working. I would hardly call me pointing out your rudeness flaming, because I didn't chose to single you out for no reason. You really think that strangers on the internet should want to help you for nothing? Not even a simple "thank you?" Anyways, this argument isn't going to go anywhere. You're right, I really don't know the real ドラえもん... I always thought ドラえもん was such a nice guy....
  9. EVGA 780i Motherboard

    Right.... but what about your optical media drive? If it's also SATA, then that's likely your problem. I am also using an EVGA nForce mobo (750i) and I still haven't been able to get my SATA dvd drive to work with it... Quick fix? Install to your harddrive in a different computer (either internally or using an external enclosure) and then put it in the computer you want to use. Or, just get a PATA DVD drive for $20. It only pays to Hackintosh if you have patience. If you have so little, then I don't see why you didn't just pull a Mac Pro out of your mysterious pocket in the first place, ドラえもん さん. edit: By the way, you really should be thanking verdant for his help instead of saying "All of your suggestions have failed." He knows what he's doing, and if you aren't willing to take the time to continue troubleshooting YOUR PROBLEM, then you really shouldn't take it out on him. LRN2MANNERS MAN. Jesus christ.
  10. Thanks Mysticus/Haxi someone probably posted this for you already Mysticus, but just so you know: No time to update to 10.5.4 for now, but USB is working, so that's all that really matters for now... As soon as I figure out why my screen stays blue after it goes to sleep I'll put the side of the case back on and stop swapping the IDE drive in every 20 minutes... (I ordered a PATA DVD drive btw... for $20 there is really no reason not to... besides, I can copy stuff on the fly now..in windoze at least) If you don't know what I mean when I say my display stays blue after sleep... here is a video of it... sorry for 40mbs size. It also does it if I use the button to power the display off and back on again.... If you don't know what this is, no problem, I will post in the appropriate graphics card thread. I have taken enough of your time =P
  11. With with 9.2.0 kernel and IOUSBFamily old: nforce USB does not show up as high speed systemkext plist kernel #=9.2.2 terminal kernel showing as: 9.2.0 With 9.2.0 kernel and IOUSBFamily new: nforce USB does show up as high speed systemkext plist kernel # and terminal kernel showing as : 9.2.0 USB=<FULLY WORKING> and this is the weird part... Restart=<WORKING> many thanks although the screen does stay blue after the display is woken up from sleep... I will try the jas update as soon as I get it somewhere..
  12. Many thanks  Mysticus C*. If there is anything other generic nforce stuff you want me to help you test, feel free to send it my way
  13. Sorry for the incredibly slow reply, but I am still swamped with work stuff, so I haven't had nearly enough time to trouble-shoot. In any event, I did a couple clean installs with different options selected (including PCGEN2USB on), and came to the conclusion that, I have both the usb-mount issue, AND the usb2.0 issue... No matter what packages I install with and how I patch, my onboard usb doesn't show up as high speed usb, it just shows up as three USB buses. My PCI USB card does however showup as a high-speed bus, but all of the on-board stuff doesn't. I also had the kernel mismatch problem.. My system.kext plist was showing 9.2.2 but typing uname -a in kernel was showing 9.2.0. I didn't actually update because to 10.5.3/4 because I am not sure exactly which ones I should be running, but I was able to fix the kernel mismatch by changing the IOUSBFamily.kext to the one which you linked a page or two back. It now mounts my USB hdd...even though my USB bus still doesn't show up as being high-speed, it copies files at blazing fast speeds, so it must be going at usb2.0... The memory card reader doesn't show up, but it works in windows so I don't really care... The one thing which I really need to fix is that: if I allow the display to go to sleep, the computer hangs on a solid blue screen afer I wake it up... If I press certain buttons I can hear it making that "bonk" noise, so I know it isn't completely frozen, but I can't get the display to return to normal... And yeah, I can't restart it. (I am using the sleep 9.2.0 kernel.) If you think it would help fix those problems, I will upgrade to 10.5.4. (I'll also do it just to help you test it, in return for all of your help here... it's the least I can do ) If someone can PM me links for jas stuff that I need to put Mysticus patch on I will much appreciate it
  14. >>Progress Report<< NIC: <WORKING> (Posting from the hackintosh right now, using a Realtek 8169 NIC ) USB: <WORKING> (It was indeed caused by a kernel mismatch... Fixed by installing the IOUSBFamily kext from a few days back as per Mysticus' instructions...) As a side note... I have an IOGEAR PCI usb card installed with an internal USB port that I plugged a FDD-bay mount USB2.0 reader into that was working pre-fix, for memory cards, although not for the USB HDD hard drive, and now it doesn't work at all... It never worked with the USB hard drive, but my USB 2.0 card reader showed up in system profiler and it worked fine. Now it doesn't work at all. If I plug my keyboard or mouse into it I get nothing. If I plug the USB HDD into it the light comes on but nothing happens. It's not the end of the world because I would rather have USB hdds working, but it's something I hope to fix eventually. I still haven't had time to play with the ram speed(1066), but I did get my processor displaying right... As you can see it's still only clocked to 2.4, but I think I am going to follow your example haxi and bump it up to 3.0... I have a 110mm zalman heatsink on it, and the airflow in my case is good so cooling shouldn't be an issue... Haven't had time to try MeDevil's sata fix, but that comes next. I want to get this thing reading and writing cds/dvds without getting a pata drive if I can help it... Other notes: It doesn't restart when I try to restart it and it takes a while (approx. 30 seconds) to finally turn off after I select shut-down, confirm, and the screen goes black. I'm guessing that there is nothing that can be done about the restart thing... which isn't a big deal. All in all it's running great. Thanks again for all the help