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    My System don't boot

    what 10.5.3 update did you use? I havent updated to 10.5.3 yet just reading about issues that might happen on the M1210 thus far. Im a NOOB but if you post the error I might be able to point you to a fix i have read about in the forums. Ill do what I can . One common one was the Error after the Firewire device?
  2. First post so if I mess up please let me know You can triple boot Mac XP and Vista. I am doing it as we speak. Lookup a product called BootitNG. It is not free but it works great and keeps all the OS partitions seperate and hidden from each other, if you wish. There is a know issue with booting an XP and Vista install and having the restore points overwritten. Just hide the Vista partition from XP and visa versa and no problem. Cheers.