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  1. Hey, I have AD1988b in my motherboard P5K-E Wifi/AP. I got the audio kext (AppleHDA.kext) from PCWiz's OSx86Tools (detecting the hardwares and then download some kexts). It is good to have that auto-switch, so we don't have to change it in "System Preferences..." after connecting/disconnecting the headphone. Alternatively (If there are no kexts), teach us how to modify them. Thanks.
  2. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    I think there are no problem with this version. It works! Thank you, mastershredder! I have Candybar too, it removed that file "._."
  3. Where did you learn that? Show me the link or tutorial.
  4. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    Hey I think I got Macfuse from code.google. I can't remember where I got NTFS-3G from. I installed them in early of October 2008. I think iPC OSx86 have same version of NTFS-3G and Macfuse as mine. I can tell that file "._." appear in my laptop (with iPC OSx86 installed). Edited: I got NTFS-3G from http://www.ntfs-3g.org/. i'm using Macfuse 1.7 I installed MacFuse 2.0.3 and NTFS-3G. i don't know what to do. :S
  5. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    Hi back, I got the .txt oh, lol. I'm boy and 15. I'm not nerd. ls.txt ntfsinfo.txt
  6. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    Hey, I followed your post. I did the screenshots. Unfortunately, chkdsk didn't work. I'm thinking of reformating the hard drive but before this, I want to find the way to delete. I have to save my time first. 1. Show the list of files in /Volumes/Vista/ but I cannot go into "._." 2. File in Vista and attempt to delete it. 3. File in Windows 7 and attempt to delete it. (I replaced XP with 7) 4. Run chkdsk in Windows 7. It cannot detect the file. I tried in Vista but same result.
  7. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    Cool! Any instruction on deleting "._."?
  8. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    I'm back. I have these resource fork in my PC, they're in two hard drives. Also I have it in my laptop. I cannot delete it in Windows because it have an invalid characters like "._.", no word after this "._" but it just a dot. In Mac OS X, I use BlueHarvest to clean the DS_store and resource fork. I think it cannot do it, or maybe I'm not using it properly. I tried CHKDSK like you said. Unfortunately, it cannot get rid of this file but only for other damaged resource fork. I understood what poster said. Good to know. NTFS 3G unlock the NTFS and resource forks were spreaded over it. Other poster mention to me about this "sudo rm -rf". Third party application like Blueharvest and TinkerTool System can do this job.
  9. ASUS S96S Guide

    Updated with Atachment. Now with iPC OSx86!!! Legacy Audio is in this attachment, it don't have shutdown issue unless you use Shutdown Fix kext. Also it have auto-switch between headphone and internal speakers. Detail instructions are in this attachment too.
  10. How Do I Get Rid Of This File?

    In mac, i didn't see that file. even I unhide the finder. which OS should I run the disk check? How i do it?
  11. Look at the file surrounded by red boarder. It appear after I installed MacFuse and NTSF 3G in Leopard 10.5.6 I tried with Unlocker and no luck.
  12. @Igo How did you do that? I have a 100 meter roll of blank stickers.
  13. ALC883 fully working drivers

    Use the Kext Helper... Make sure you haven't install other audio kext. (just remove if you have one)
  14. ASUS S96S Guide

    I made this thread because there are no other S96S thread. Some S96S user having trouble with OSx86 in their S96S so this thread will help them to install and solve the problems. I see very few people installed OSx86 in their laptop. But just in case, I'm putting this thread up for S96S users. This guide tells you how to install iPC OSx86 and the links for downloading the patches, and drivers. I successfully installed OSx86 in my brother's S96S and made almost all the features works under 10.5.6. Parts That Will Works -Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (all core working) -nVidia GeForce 8600m GS (QE, CI, and external VGA) -Intel HDA 82801H ALC883 -Ethernet -Card Reader (SD Card only) -Keyboard -Trackpad with scrolling -Battery Meter -USB Driver -Bluetooth Installations Guide 1. Download and burn iPC OSx86 at the lowest speed like 4x. 2. Make a FAT32 or RAW partition and set it more than 20 GB. Set it as active partition using Disk Part in Windows. 3. Once you get into installation DVD, go to Utilities and click on Disk Utility. 4. Click on the partition that you made. Make sure that you're on Erase tab, name the hard drive whatever you want (no space, or else you will boot with DVD). Choose Mac OS Extended Journal under Volume Format: drop-down menu. 3. Before you install it, click on Customize. 4. Select... Patch -Intel ICHx SATA Drivers -NVinject 0.2.1 256Mb (use it as temporary) -Intel PROSet/Wireless 4965 (still not working) -PCGenUSBEHCI -AppleAPCIBatteryManager -Dual Boot Time Sync (use it if you dual boot) -UUID Error Fix -PS/2 Keyboard Fix -Patch DSDT Application -Kext Helper -OSX86Tools -Pacifist and choose others you want. 5. Install it and restart the laptop. 6. Installing the patches and drivers. Download (use Kext Helper if you want to install kext) 7. Done! Your laptop (S96S) should run perfectly. Thanks to Josephien for helping me. Known Issue -Intel 4965agn is still unstable and under development. Be patient, or buy different wireless adapter. -No driver/s for Syntek Webcam -Fn keys are unavailable except for brightness key (F4 and F5) -Hotkeys (like internet, email, and other shortcuts) -Power Buttons -Other than SD Card are not working That will be nice if you help me to fix those issue. More helpful tips is coming soon...