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  1. Hi. I'm very impressed by this guide. Many thanks, Tseug. I had a few problems initially because I deleted Chameleon when I formatted the partition for Lion, and my USB drive wouldn't boot. Anyway, I get a working installation of Lion 10.7, but when I do the Combo update to 10.7.2, I get a message on restart (after re-applying finalize), that it is waiting for the root device UUID ...... I've tried redoing finalize, same result. This has happened repeatedly, after redoing the process, including the initial installation of Lion. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I haven't tried redoing the Combo update without reapplying finalize.
  2. Hi -- I've searched, and there doesn't seem to anything posted about particular issues upgrading from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8. I haven't had a chance to look at the machine yet, but my daughter reports Airport grayed out in Network Preferences and diagnostics says it's not configured. It's a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 with a Linksys WMP300N which has always worked perfectly. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi -- I've searched, and there doesn't seem to anything posted about particular issues upgrading from 10.6.7 to 10.6.8. I haven't had a chance to look at the machine yet, but my daughter reports Airport grayed out in Network Preferences and diagnostics says it's not configured. It's a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 with a Linksys WMP300N which has always worked perfectly. Any suggestions?
  4. 10.6.2 Success with GA-EP35-DS4! Many thanks and admiration to tseug for such a simple but powerful guide. I followed it exactly, and everything was working so I used Migration Assistant to bring in my user account and applications. That caused the only glitch - at the end it was cycling through restart without getting as far as login. I used my Leopard install to look at the installation and found two kexts from my Leopard install in the SL S/L/E folder (HDAEnabler and dsmos). No idea why because I didn't migrate any other settings or files. Anyway,removing them fixed the problem. Also, before I got to software update stage, restart and shutdown stopped working. Next I used Apple Software update to install 10.6.2 Combo, and replaced SleepEnabler with the new version from netkas. Everything fine. Will now search the topic about restart/shutdown, losing WiFi and the "unknown" processor in System Profiler. Everything else is OK.
  5. 3 hard drive failures

    I am using Chameleon 2 RC3 and Karaakeha1's vanilla guide for several months now. Over the last 4 weeks, I have had 2 instances of quite new Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 hard drives suddenly becoming undetectable by BIOS. The first time was after I used Karaakeha1's guide to install OS X 10.5.7. I had left a command line memory checking utility running overnight. In the morning, my Seagate system disk (500GB) wouldn't detect. A second 500GB drive (data) was ok. I replaced the system HD with a new Seagate 1TB 7200.12 SATA 12, running OS X 10.5.7. After about 3 weeks, I used SuperDuper to copy the system partition to a backup partition on the 500 GB drive, and copy my user partition from the 500 GB hard drive to a partition on the 1TB drive -- this ran early morning. When I first went to use the system, it was frozen. A power-off reboot resulted in both HDs being undetectable. SuperDuper assure they do not use any low-level hardware or firmware interfaces. The mobo is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 with the F5 BIOS. Can someone help me guess whether to get a new mobo (on the grounds that it is the problem), or is there something else to consider? Would love any suggestions. Barcode
  6. Hi Karaakeha1 - in your signature I see that you are using OS X 10.5.8, but it also lists Snow Leopard, so I assume you are using multi-boot. I want to install Snow Leopard, but I wonder -- did you need to use any new/additional kexts for SnowLeopard?
  7. Snow Lepoard

    Hello Karaakeha1 - in your signature I see that you are using Mac OS 10.5.8, but it also mentions Snow Leopard. Did you have to use any new/different kexts for Snow Leopard? I would be grateful for your advice, as I would like yo install Snow Leopard.
  8. I've been running 10.5.6 installed by following Karaaheha1's "simple guide" since December 2008 (see my signature for current details). The system has been so great and stable that I resisted updating to 10.5.7 till today. My first step was to install Chameleon 2.0RC1 which is great - it gives me a graphical display of bootable partitions and boot options. My update steps for 10.5.7 were: reboot to my backup 10.5.6 system (kept up-to-date with Super Duper) install 10.5.7 combo update to my main boot drive run Karaakeha1's postpatch using the 10.5.6 kext pack and OpenHaltRestart.kext reboot to the 10.5.7 system. Everything is fine! I've seen some post wondering about the guide's approach needing a working Leopard system to start with. This is because the method requires a working Leopard system on a different drive from which to modify the retail installation's kext's; for example, my system won't start after the initial install or an OS update until the kexts have been modified. Originally, I used a drive with a Kalyway installation on it, but as soon as I got my system working I set up scheduled backups to a second drive, and now when I want to do a major update like 10.5.7 I boot from the backup and do the update and kext modification from there.
  9. It's now working OK, thank you. First try, on restart it hung on the light grey Apple screen, with a small "stop sign" (slashed O) on top of the Apple Icon. After a careful reinstallation, and with -v boot, it stopped with "Still waiting for for root device" message. With my 10.5.5 installation I had the BIOS setting Integrated Peripherals, SATA RAID/AHCI Mode = Disabled. I tried changing that to AHCI and it restarted OK. During OS X setup, I used Transfer information to import my applications and settings from a 10.5.5 backup. The screen eventually froze showing "Transferring Network settings". When HD activity was finished, I powered off, restarted and ran EFI Studio. Everything has been OK since. Audio is working, but System Profiler shows "No builtin audio" and EFI Studio doesn't have anything for HDEF. I don't use Time Machine -- I like SuperDuper better. Anyway, overall everything is working well.
  10. Hi Karaakeha1 -- 2 questions please about your 10.5.6 update: the "10.5.6 kext package" doesn't include four kexts that were in the "Kexts & post patch 10.5.5" package: AppleACPIPlatfrom.kext, AppleSMBIOS.kext, IOATAFamily.kext and JMicronATA.kext -- are they not needed with 10.5.6? with 10.5.5, I also use HDAEnabler.kext; do I need to keep using that? I also wonder if I could just apply 10.5.6 to my existing 10.5.5 install, or must I start over? Thank you.
  11. OK, false alarm! A bit embarassing -- I found that instead of setting the inactivity time for Sleep to 30 mins, I had it at 300 mins! It works well. So I can now say that every aspect of Mac OS X that matters to me is now working properly on my BlackMac. Many thanks to you, Karaakeha1 for a really excellent Guide.
  12. I have checked my system just in case, but I have never knowingly installed such software (I do have VMware Fusion 2.0). When I look at your first post, I'm confused between "ABOUT restart and shut down ,OLD solution of AppleACPI.kext and shut down fix is better , Newer solution was causing random freezes" and "sep 22 Kext for restart Shutdown fix : Kext Attachd below OpenHaltRestart.kext attached below fixes Restart Shutdown. Now can use Vanilla ACPIplatform.kext . No need of CHUD.pkg etc". Attached is a screen shot of the kexts I have installed, which are the same as your Kexts Postpatch 10.5.5 list except for HDAEnabler.kext and OpenHaltRestart.kext. Is there anything I should change? Thank you for your help. Kext_list.tiff
  13. Since my last visit here my system has worked perfectly. I've made a disk image of my Leopard partition and tested restoring the system with it, then reinstalled Chameleon. Worked 100% OK The only question I have now is about timed sleep (via the Energy Saver options in System Preferences): the system will not sleep after the set time if the system is inactive; it will sleep at a set time of day, e.g. 11:00 PM. Has anyone using Karaakeha1's guide got timed inactivity sleeping to work? Could Time Macine be interfering with that?
  14. Thanks for the advice; I did a series of experiments, trying the drive (a LaCie mobile) in the back-panel Firewire ports as well as connecting it daisy chain to a Maxtor on the back-panel ports. It would light up on one of the back-panel ports and connected through the Maxtor. I read some other sites and decided to check for updated LaCie firmware, installed that. It is now recognised in one back port and through the Maxtor. I suspect the issue may power, as it does not have its own power supply. Anyway,something's better than nothing!
  15. Hello Karaakeha1, When I first did my install following your guide, my front-panel Firewire port was working; now it's not. The only changes since then have some Apple updates that seem unrelated: Airport utility, Quicktime, Java, iTunes, iMovie, iDVD and Security Update 2008-07. I've also added a few applications. Anyway, should I redo the post-patch? Regards, Charles