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  1. I have been following this topic, because I have two HD6540 cards that have this problem. Just a thought: If the card wakes in a Mac. If the software is all the same on a Mac and Hack. Could there be a difference in the DSDT/SSDT between an Mac and a Hack? Some definition or method that is missing or different, but that is required for the card to wake properly?
  2. JosdeBos

    Time Machine problems via wi-fi

    This problem has been answered in a Mac Geek Gab podcast: You should start again by deleting your backup folders. Now connect the drive to the Airport Extreme and initiate a Time Machine backup to the AE. As soon as you see that the TM is starting to copy files you tell it to stop. Now the sparse bundel has been created with an incomplete backup. Connect the drive to your computer, point your TM backup to it, and start the backup. TM will now continue to back up to the sparse bundel, and not to a folder. Once your time TM backup is finished you can reconnect the drive to the AE.
  3. I had exactly the same problem with same board but different cards. Your solution works. I don't know about the consequences
  4. Anyone a link to that MountEFI.kext? Google's no help.
  5. I have followed your instruction and updated a US Robotics Wireless MAXg PCI adapter with BCM4318. The card was previously recognized as third party vendor card and worked with no problem. According to http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/?go=devices the Subsystem vendor ID and Subsystem Product ID for the Apple equivalent should be 0x106b and 0x4318 respectively, so those were the values I used. After the branding the card is recognized as Airport extreme When I try to connect to a network however, it now times out. Any suggestions?
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    USB Wireless Atheros 5523

    I am looking for a driver for this adapter as well. Anyone out there?