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  1. E8400 Overclocking Troubles

    Well I was able to load vista just fine with my overclocked settings... So what could be causing OSX to do the waiting for root device when overclocked to 4ghz??? Now I am completely stumped
  2. E8400 Overclocking Troubles

    I got the same mobo and same proc... I can over clock to 4ghz fine will boot and all just get the waiting for root device problem. the highest I can go without getting the waiting for root device issue is 399x9 giving me 3.59ghz.... Granted Im okay with it... Just I see people OC'd to 4ghz with this processor... Is it the mobo G31M-ES2L??? I mean I'm so lost... I'm temped to oc to the 4ghz mark and load vista, which I know will boot and load.. Why is OSX doing this waiting for root device when attempting to oc past 3.59 or 399x9??