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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    The system is running great sitting at 10.6.6 with 2gb ram but it runs hot as I use smcfan to monitor it and its usually sitting at 47-52C no load and peaking at 57-65C with either PScs5 or someother system intensive program running. I cant find a way to increase the fan speed or cool the system down can I? I sometimes have a fan under it which takes off around 3-4C most times sometimes more. Andrew
  2. installing now will report if it works. I dont know what you mean by partial works but mine just shows up as an airport card in the system profile but then it says the airport is off and when I turn it on it says no card installed, but it did that before thats why I use an airport card from an iMac in the full slot.
  3. yeah im using the voodoo 2.6.1 sorry about that, I just confirmed that.
  4. yes the iphone headphones with the inline mic and volume controls I got with my iPod touch work. I havent used my mini in a while so I turned it on maybe 20min ago and plugged them in and selected input(I have two settings 1 for internal front mic and one for external mic the jack) and it moved the volume up and down when selecting the external mic, so it works.
  5. yes that is correct same with the apple tv(smaller mac mini) if I get the some kexts/read outs from one of my apple tvs we could go from there?
  6. And sorry that is what I meant, just confirmed with my iphone headphones work with the mic. hdmi audio has been a success on some ati cards for the desktop problem is that apple doesnt really use hdmi ports on their real products so this is hard thing to accomplish.
  7. Ya with applehda we probably wont get the audio working but lots of success with the voodoohda kext, but the voodoo isnt as good as apple
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    three finger swipe can be achieved in the trackpad pane in the system settings on the first tab on the right theres a little radio button option for it. that would be awesome cause i was wondering why i couldnt turn it off The button on the top left for turning the trackpad off is it possible to make that work?
  9. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    hey so when it comes up with the options to pick either your usb stick or the internal hdd at startup click down and choose "boot with verbose" then click enter it should work
  10. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I say do a fresh install and everytime you install something restart the machine and see if it does this to you because yeah ilife only installs to hdd it doesnt have access to efi or boot files
  11. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    ill be using it for no more than a few hours at college but all around campus there are outlets so ill be fine with 3 hours. yeah thats all true but to be honest i hated the keyboard and smooth super responsive trackpad on the 311 so chicklet keys are what i like from my girlfriends macbook. and i will be using windows just until after the winter(thats when adobe audition will be available for at least beta in mac) then im back to straight mac like i was on 311. and trust me the difference between overclocking to 2.0ghz from 1.6ghz was so little it wasnt even worth the laptop breaking over. I'll see and i hope my card fits for wifi but if it doesnt the 1501 dell is only 20 dollars canadian from hong kong. but because asus was dumb and put everything inside the laptop doesnt that void the warranty by opening it that far?
  12. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    overclocking the cpu and without thinking i clicked ok and after the fact as it was rebooting i forgot i didnt change one of the variables and it bricked it. and as i see in benchmarks this asus laptop is pretty much the same thing but memory is ddr2 not ddr3 and the cpu bottleneck isnt as apparent because of the dual core so i hope im pleased with this upgrade in a sense. or am i wrong and this laptop isnt any better? one last question , battery time? is that killed with making it a macbook as it was on the 311?
  13. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Alright so HP 311 died 5 days before warranty expired and HP decided to be {censored} and wont repair it, so i just bought a asus 1201n and because i had the 311 as a mac as well i obviously had to replace the wireless card. i did so with a genuine apple airport extreme card(full size) not half slot, my question is because i cannot find a picture of the inside;can i use that or does it need to be half size slot sized-card. also would that void my warranty as you cannot access the wireless card from the bottom.
  14. Hey man i havent screwed around with this computer since i got it so im just learning again about all this, anyways I have a fully working xfx 750i motherboard xfx 8600gt 512mb 4gb ram ide 200gb hdd running 10.6.0 retail The thing is I need at least 10.6.2 i have all the snow support files 2.3 on a usb key with chameleon 2.0 rc3 i boot off of(i just never transfered anything over to hdd) I tried to go straight to 10.6.4 and i get kernel panic so im glad i did time machine before i tried it now after 2 hrs of restoring im asking am i doing anything wrong or do i have the wrong file list to use anything higher then 6.0? should i have the support files in the s/l/e folder after updating with kext helper? usb_key_kexts.tiff
  15. Hey now that the mac mini has been brought out with an hdmi port dont you think we can try to extract the audio portion of the kext it uses to get sound through hdmi with the mini?