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  1. They have enough overheating problems as it is...... SERIOUSLY, so dont screw up your machine.
  2. HP ZD8000 for Sale...OSX86 Compatible

    I was thinking 800 as the lowest I would actually take, but i can understand your hesitation. It really is a nice machine, and has under 300 hours of usage on it. The reason I say this is because I bought it specifically to run OSX86, because I really didnt want to buy a mac(Despised Apple/Steve Jobs worshippers, but I love the OS). It ran it so well and I was impressed so much I ended up buying 2 macs almost immediately shortly after. Well feel free to make an offer, and either way no-one gets hurt. The machine is just sitting in its sleeve (battery disconnected form it). Has'nt been used in over 6 months, which was the last time I fired it up and updated to XPsp3 media center. Also I dont know if its still on this site, but i took pics the day i got my first MBP and tested this ZD8k against it. There are pics and everything that were on this site. Not sure if there or not now.
  3. Selling my first Hackintosh compatible Laptop. Its a HP ZD8000 DTR (Desktop Replacement)P4 3.4ghz 17inch WXUGA screen, ATI x600 video card, XP MediaCenter laptop with External TV Tuner, 2gig ram, 60gig 5400rpm hard drive and currently has 80gig 7200rpm hard drive. (will throw in both), CD/DVD-r&+r drive. Tons of usb ports, and bluetooth, every option available Works with every version of OSX86 from 10.4.6 to 10.5.6., XP, Vista, and Every Linux distro tried on it (Perfect for Suse and Ubuntu) Bought it brand new for $2200.00 direct from HP (still have original boxes and documaentation/software) Asking $1,000.00 or best offer. Will throw in laptop Neoprene soft cover and second hard drive. Willing to entertain any REASONABLE offer.... Send replies to PM.
  4. Yes you should be worried about the high temps. Apple's hardware cooling controls(SMC) has sucked since the first Intel Core Duo's. I don't know why they cant get it right but they cant. The main reason is they make the notebooks thin (form over function) and then stuff low end Delta fans inside, and are now using nvidia chipsets as well as graphics cards. EDIT: For Bootcamp Windows use, download and install input remapper to adjust fan speeds when booted into windows. When in OSX: Do yourself a favor and download and install SMC fancontrol. Set it to never run under 3200rpms(keeps mine in the 40's under basic load), and even then if you are gonna be gaming (not advised due to heat issues) turn the fans up to 5000-6000 before beginning a gaming session. Turn them back to 3000 or so after gaming ceases. Your laptop will last alot longer, and you can avoid having to deal this "black screen" syndrome from overheating, as well as Apple Care's {censored} poor explanations...... Long story short...HEAT KILLS ELECTRONICS. Even if the thermal envelope allows for 115celcius, you are damaging your equipment by then. Don't let it get over 60-70 celcius or you risk damaging components. Of course Apple says it's ok, they want it to burn up right at end of warranty so you will buy another one (STOCK PRICE BUMP for them). Plus Apple Care is part of their MAIN REVENUE!!!! They are nice laptops, but Apple's Quality Assurance is NON EXISTENT in respect to cooling........ITS A FACT. If you wanna use a "new" mac (reliably) you have to take responsibility for making sure it runs cool yourself..... I do this for my MBP and My MacPro (although speeds on MacPro only go to 3000rpms due to larger fans) {censored} BUT TRUE!
  5. Can anyone open this freaking linky to the Xbox360 repair status page within an OSX browser?: http://service.xbox.com/servicehome.aspx I cannot open it from within ANY OSX browser, be it Opera, Firefox, Camino or Safari :wacko: . It's really not that big of a deal, as I can use my parallels windows install or one of my actual Windows boxes, it's just that it is irking the {censored} out of me. Reponses welcomed, cause I've checked all of my OSX browser's settings and they are the same as the windows ones pretty much. Thankx
  6. Time to call up psystar, and ask about trading in my MacPro for 2 Open computer Pro's!!! Wish me LUCK!!!!! :)
  7. With no information about Apple legal hammering these guys yet, Im starting to wonder if they are actually gonna get away with their cloning operation. They have as of late posted operating system updates, and a way to enable and use software update it would seem, as well. Oh yeah, and they got some new cases for the base units( supposedly quieter fans) as well that look like old Dell cases to me..LOL. Starting to either smell like Apple may be behind this, OR Apple does'nt have a leg to stand on against them legally. Hmm, that black "pro" case don't look half bad....... :pirate2:
  8. The most compatible laptop. Most usable?

    HP ZD8000 hands down!
  9. Hi All, As I said a few days ago, I broke out the old ZD8k and got Leo working pretty good, except for resolution and sleep. Another thing i was interested in doing was running Disk Warrior on it in an attempt to verify and optimize the install. I tried to boot from the cd and no-go. Any ideas???? In addition, anyone wondering why i'm even doing this (since I own a few Macs already), I do it for fun. Merely because I (as my sig says) consider myself a "jack of all trades, master of none". I'ts just a hobby that I enjoy tinkering with. Kinda like that Atari 7200 (yea I'm that old) I blew up on the second day after christmas.......except mom almost killed me when she found out. Good thing I can buy my own {censored} now huh????
  10. Hi all, I got bored playing with my MBP and MacPro this week and decided to crack out the old ZD8k thats been chillin in the closet with 10.4.6 on it. Well I installed Leo4All 10.5.2(all default sse2&sse3 kernel, and IOATA, AC97 Audio driver, tried ATI driver but hung) and it all works just as good as it did with 10.4.6, which was the last release I tried that worked. Anyway, the only thing that still doesnt work is QE and CI, which has never worked, and I'm still locked at 1024x768. Whats really kewl is that it's being seen as MacPro3.1 on the "About this Mac" identifier. It's been great screen sharing from my MBP and MacPro to this ZD8K just for kicks. Just wish I could get 1440x900 though. Well, just wanted to let anyone interested know. Any help with video would be appreciated........ And to think, I was thinking about selling it.
  11. I have to admit, I was about to pull the trigger on a standard 8600GTS, and just deal wiith being able to use it while booted into windows, but at the price this 8800GT is at, it really makes no sense to go hacking a bios or only being able to use the 8600GTS in windows. As far as I'm concerned, the problem is solved, and quite nicely at that. FINALLY my MacPro is Complete......FOR NOW....
  12. Rejoice!! We first gen MacPro owners have finally been updated: http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPLE/WebO...amp;mco=OTkzNDY
  13. Lets all be honest.... Mac's are not custom or any higher quality hardware(just PURDY cases and KEYBOARDS basically makes Apple different) than any of your basic PC manufactures use. There was a time when they *might* have been special during PPC era(to some people, not me), but that time has passed with the ushering in of the intel age. Its just a fact that some of the "self rightous, elitest, attitudinal, apple/ Steve Jobs co*k sucking idiots" need to get over. It's all just generic hardware now. Apple does'nt own one factory where they actually "BUILD" the hardware. They pretty much buy the parts from manufacturers (intel, WD, seagate, etc, etc) contract most or all of the assembly of it out, pretty much like many other "computer manufacturers". I for one started on a hackintosh laptop, which I still own (HP ZD8000), and ended up buying a MBP, and then a Macpro. I have nothing against "hackintoshes", and think that it has also lead to alot of purchases or legit apple hardware, as I am an example of. In addition, I make no promisses that i will never build another "hack", as it depends on what i want to do, and how much money i have available at the time. Sometimes, I just want to tinker for the hell of it., as do alot of people here........ 3rd of all, OSX is not perfect. I finally got my wireless issues resolved via 10.5.2 yesterday, but I still dont see much that makes Leopard much better than Vista, which I hate, but have to support occasionally. I personally can get ALL of my work accomplished with EITHER OS. I will be honest. When I first bought my MBP, I installed parallels, and stayed in XP 95% of the time, OSX 5%. I have now started to use Leopard/OSX about 80% of the time, and XP maybe 15%, Vista 5%. This is merely due to the fact that I do feel a little more secure surfing online with OSX(although I primarily use OPERA on all my platforms for surfing), and I also have stopped gaming on my computers. I have gone back to console gaming on my PS3 and Xbox360. Now this is just my experience, but Leopard has/had almost had as many "bugs" as Vista. I do feel that it is getting stable "quicker" than Vista is, as evidenced by the newest update, but then again who knows, what tomorrow may bring for Vista(besides SP1)??? In addition I always wanted to ask the Apple LOYAL: If Apple computers are so perfect, then why is it that even though they are pretty much on a "locked" specific hardware platform, that they still have software/OS related issues???? Are'nt they supposed to "JUST WORK"??? heh, yeah RIGHT, now go look at the Apple support discussions...LOL Oh yeah, Linux rocks too, but still not quite primetime for the desktop....(DAM UBUNTU SLEEP ISSUES....urgh!!!) And life goes on...USE WHAT YOU LIKE, and tell those who try to belittle you to F*CK OFF!!!! 'cheers...
  14. New MacBook Pros ?

    I'll never upgrade from my Gen 1 coreduo 2.0ghz till they make the HD easily upgradable like on the Macbook.....which sadly will probably neva happen :angel: :censored2:
  15. Apple posts "Find Out How"

    Like these? http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail...20Hard%20Drives