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  1. shayanrafizs

    ethernet and processor problems

    try this it does freeze on mine but still send me a version of what u have thanks nForceEthernetController.kext.zip
  2. shayanrafizs

    nForce 680i Network Driver for Leopard 10.5.2

    try this it freezes on mine it might work on urs if you are lucky nForceEthernetController.kext.zip
  3. shayanrafizs

    need a more stable ethernet driver

    no one replies to quetions any more i hate that i am tring to find that driver u can look at my posts i got Marvell 88E1116 driver but we need Marvell 88E1118 dirver it needs to be patched and i dont know how
  4. shayanrafizs

    Driver For nForce Ethernet on XFX 680i SLI

    try this i might freeze though but that s the olny thing i have found its better then nothing nForceEthernetController.kext.zip
  5. yes it does u can try ideneb v1 10.5.4 intel/amd mine s working fine exept ethernet that i am trying to figure it out
  6. shayanrafizs

    XFX nforce 680i LT SLI

    could u huys tell give me a kext for ethernet its should be for Marvell 88E1118 ? thanks
  7. shayanrafizs

    What version will work for me?

    try kalyway 10.5.1
  8. shayanrafizs

    iDeneb v1 10.5.4 amd + intel

    well i am happy finaly somthing works on my mother boad xfx680i sli thanks to ideneb people i got every thing working but there is a problem that i dont know where to look at probably /var/system.log it first started with mouse and keyboard freezing but then after i patched my xfx 8800 gts 640 gb it show that i have to restart the pc i am geussing its either nvidia ata which is saying 0 found or its the appleio kext which the mouse or somthing any idea? anyone? i mean it works fine untill i wanna do somthing that involes to much prosess or somthing or updating or downloading ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________ my sytem is intel q6600 2.4 ghz sleep kernel or speedstep 2 gb 800 mhz ? xfx 680i sli nvidia chipset pach xfx 8800 640 mb nvinject 2.1 network Marvell 88E1118 got it from here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=73317 usb works sound works and thats all update : someone told me it might be the ethernet driver
  9. shayanrafizs

    Windows Vista is fine

    ya right i think the only problem with vista is you wont get the blue screen anymore ohter then that its gonna be fine