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  1. there is an installer floating around somewhere. PM me for and ill send it to you. I have a gx270 running kaly 10.52 and it works great max resolution is 12somthing and qe and ci are enabled.....
  2. Windows-style taskbar.

    No No it is an insult..... Stay with windoze...... and forgo the trouble of building a hackntosh.....
  3. How do i open exe files

    use WINE i use it all the time
  4. link to the installer http://www.mediafire.com/?fayytmlzwxq
  5. Connect 2 Macs?

    if both macs are on the same wifi connection try using teleport. found it at coolosxapps.net i use it all the time to control my macbook pro from my imac
  6. Hy all.............. i am new to the whole hackntosh thing but i got to say i'm really hooked.... anycase I have tiger running on my eeepc and have no problems with it. even the timing issue doesnt really bother me. but i want to get the headphone jack to work..... i did some searching and found the unix drivers for the audio on the eeepc. i am a noob so forgive me..... but how can i get the unix driver ported to osx????? any help in my quest is greatly appreciated..... thanks
  7. Asus EEE 900 and Leopard OSx86

    I have a Eeepc 701 w/4gig hd, 2 gig ram, 16 gig sd. with internal blue tooth and 8 gig flash drive. it is currently runnig osx 10.4.9 with office 2004 and iphoto and iweb 6 & photoshop cs it has some quarks but i love it. I even moded an led apple logo to the front. The Eeepc is super easy to mod even for noob... just go to eeeuser.org and they got tons of stuff. I have an 07 macbook pro 17in(my baby) for the heavy stuff, but i carry me macbook mini with me everywhere and everybody wants one. the install of the os is super easy, it was my 1st hacntosh and i installed it 1st time with no hiccups. To me the little problems pale in comparison of having a Macbook Mini...... Tiger works leopard doesnt.