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  1. So I'm upgrading my '06 Mac mini 1,1 which currently has a T2300 1.66GHz Dore Duo processor with a T5600 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo processor. Aside from the bump in power, I understand that the C2D chip will give me the ability to run 64-bit apps. I also understand that it will not run the 64-bit kernel by default. The lower end 2,2 model shipped with the same T5600 chip. The max RAM that this model can take (addressable RAM anyway) is 3GB according to wikipedia. My 1,1 model reportedly supports up to 2GB. By upgrading the processor, will my machine support up to 3GB too? Thanks in advance
  2. The new iCycle

    Got a bit bored, so I decided to materialise one of my absolutely useless ideas: the iCycle. It's a normal bike, with a DIY iPod with video cradle attached to the handlebars, and two powered speakers mounted within a container in front of the pedals.
  3. No DVD Drive

    I used a 10.4.4 install, any version will work though. We're not allowed to tell you where to find yourself a copy - but I'm sure if you look around the forums or PM me you will find something. Google is always good too :-) By mounting the target HDD in an external enclosure with USB connectivity, I was able to access the drive from my mac. In Disk Utility, I formatted the HD as an HFS+ volume. I then enabled permissions on the drive in the Finder by selecting the external hd and pressing Apple + i, and ticking 'Enable permissions on this volume'. With a patched copy of the OS, I copied the entire Pakages directory from the image/dvd to my HD on my PowerBook - top level. I ran the OS Install package and chose the target (external) HD as the destination for the install. I found that you had to have the OS installer image mounted / dvd inserted for the install to complete. Following the install, I copied across my patched kernels (You will want to read up on how to do this), the chain0 booting files and any drivers I would need to the target drive, and repaired permissions in disk utility. I know that this is a pretty rough & brief guide, but couple this with the array of info on this forum and the wiki' and you're away laughing! Good luck - and let me know if you need help with anything specific
  4. DOS-type error on my G5!

    Check the url on your link dude - that image just takes me to the imageshack homepage :-)
  5. Funny pic

    ah microsoft....
  6. Installation Issue: Reboot/Crash

    Virtual PC - On a mac or on a PC?
  7. OS X freezes at end of installation

    OS X's restart function doesn't seem to work on my pc either, yet it seems to live after I pull the plug on it to shut it down... Hope that helps :-)
  8. Do you like vista?

    I voted no - because all of it's little popup-confirmation-are-you-sure boxes drive me insane....
  9. Suggestion for Tri-Boot Installation

    You may want to try searching the forums. There are many really good guides out there for what you're after. Good luck :-)
  10. My OSX86 box:D

    Sweet! Added it to the HCL on the wiki?
  11. Make OS X boot first and not windows

    Sure is - Load up System Preferences (Apple Menu -> System Preferences) and choose Startup Disk. Once that has loaded, click the icon for your OS X installation. Cheers, George
  12. SigmaTel STAC9872AK Driver it's here!

    sweet! Great work :-P
  13. No DVD Drive

    Hi cactusjack901, I've done something similar to this, and I don't see why it wouldn't work for your situation. The way I managed to install OS X was by connecting the HDD of the target machine (ie your laptop) to a genuine mac (via an external drive enclosure). What version of OS X86 have you got your hands on?