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  1. Your not alone. I am too having the same problem. I do noticed that it has to do with my edimax pci wireless n card. Because, If I hard wire to my router everything is fine, but when I open parallels 5540 with my wireless n pci card. I get a kernel panic or parallels locks my computer. I didn't have these problems with the same wireless pci n card w/Tiger.
  2. Help with Sound. :(

    Just out of curiousity, did you enable hda (?) in ur bios. I just remembered til now. I had a similiar problem until I enabled audio in the bios. I hope that helps
  3. [HowTo] X1600/X1800 Full Support (Borisbadenov Method)

    I have the same one, and it will work. But the down side ur mac will on see 256mb vram. I wish there was a way to see ALL 512mb vram.
  4. Cheapest PCIe Video with CI/QE

    I bought my 512mb sapphire x1600 card off of ebay for $90 NIB (New In Box). So to keep the price down shop ebay. The only down side is that my vid card on sees 256mb of vram. But the card is rock solid! Very impressed!
  5. [How To] ALC882 Sound

    I offered a 9800 ati pro 256 mb --->converted to 9800 xt, to anyone who can make the line in work w/ACL882. Maybe offering it here will intice a way to make this work. Oh..yeah the vid card is a sapphire 256mb ati AGP card.
  6. Audio IN and P5LD2-VM

    I have the same request. I wish this mb has more pci slots. I would just buy a compatible sound card, but all of my pci slots are being used. I am willing to offer a saffire 256 ati radeon pro card for anyone with a fix for this. The video card has only been used for a month and I have flash the 9800xt bios on it too. With the lastest new with callisto and boris ati fix for QE/CI this should intice anyone to come up w/solution for audio in and mic to work. Anyone up for a challenge? I will even pay for shipping LMK at samuel at kents.mine.nu and good luck
  7. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    THANK YOU! I always had QE/CI working but NOT with resolution switching. Now my display panel shows all the refresh rates my monitors supports. I HIGHLY SUGGEST MODIFYING YOUR ATI FILES. I have an sapphire 512mb pci-e card. Now I can play games in any resolutions....and NO MORE TEARING......thank you Thank you! Now I am going to put my Dell FPW 20.1 DVI monitor and switch out my CRT. Kinda curious if I have dual monitor support.......BRB report back soon!
  8. Doom 3

    I had to copy my config files to the pc running osx. I have g5 w/doom3 set and I copied the config files over and I was able to run doom 3 on my pc running os x. I believe I had to hold down the (shift key?). then choose my resolution for my monitor. I hope this helps.
  9. I have the same card. You have to modify the kext file to make it work, and also 256mv vram will be seen. Not the whole 512mb
  10. HELP ME (ati x1600 256mb pci-e)!

    make sure in ur bios that PCI-E is enabled. I had the same issue when I first installed os x. I had to enable my pci-e/vga in the bios. I hope this helps
  11. Compatible PCI graphics card with ci/qe

    I am interested in this too. My compaq s5000nx is running fine w/os x, but the intel 845gl extreme graphic is not supported and neither my ati 9200 pci graphics card. The sad part...is that...this computer has pci slots no agp or pci-e
  12. ATI x1600 pro 512MB card?

    sinteger: Only 256mb is listed, but that's okay with me. It is plenty fast when I play UT2004 and Quake 3. Almost comparible to my G5 2.0 w/x800xt ati. For most of my other games, I boot in to winxp.
  13. ATI x1600 pro 512MB card?

    I can confirm this will work. I have the same SAPPHIRE 512mb x1600. There is a problem to get the kext to load w/ATI brand x1600 cards. I didn't see alot of ATI brand 1600x cards that was successful. Reading through the forums. That is why I bought SAPPHIRE brand card. Just heads up if ur going to buy a x1600 card. I bought mine dirt cheap off ebay NIB (New In Box).
  14. ATI x1600 under 10.4.6

    Does the tearing occur with Mouse Locator or Mousepose when u exit games? How about fullscreen visualizer (itunes) or screensavers?
  15. ATI x1600 under 10.4.6

    Just a couple of questions? Using itunes visualizer can it display full screen? Also, how BAD is the mouse artifacts? Can anyone take any screen shots. I SHOULD be receiving my box today...just CANT WAIT!