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  1. try it a again... and if not, then in different order of the steps to take. it seems flaky sometimes, the patch install process.
  2. What was your install method for the OS? Your drives are small...and assumingly very old drives....therefore a bit on the slow side compared to today's new drives. I've never heard of any hard drive kexts before... Sounds like you should either redo the install of the OS completely using a mainstream method, or invest in a new sata drive (seagate is the best). You should always have 2 drives each with the OS, one for main use, and the other for testing patches/updates/kexts, etc. a third data backup drive can't hurt given that Hackintosh are likely go belly up for who knows what reason when fiddling with non apple approved hardware. New method for Leopard install / updates: Universal patcher: http://######.com/index.php?option=...9&Itemid=48 Sound patch files attached EP45_DS3L___Sound_Patch_Files.dmg Hi Warstrong.... btw...do you have a sufficiently powerful power supply unit? 500Watts or more.... 750W is ideal. You need that to power your 4 or 5 drives + quad core unit. 400 watts is probably not enough and will cause the drive problems
  3. Did you try a large file copy timed test of your own using a watch? Xbench for some reason doesn't seem reliable. I had poor drive results on Xbench but when I did real world tests of my own, I found that the drive speed was completely fine...e.g. 100+ MB/s throughput. That meets the drive specs for maximum speed. As for random writes that really depends on the individual drive brand....but you shouldn't have to worry about the writes because the 16/32 MB drive cache takes care of such issues since most random writes are very small files. There shouldn't be any driver problem at all with your harddrives because any operating system interfaces using an industry standard communication protocal with harddrives...eg. the harddrives all have the same control/communication language.
  4. Are your bios settings set properly to recognize ACHI first, and thereafter legacy IDE? There are two settings in BIOS for this. I don't think it is a kext issue at all. Also, for your IDE drives, do you have it set properly at the drive jumpers for automatic recognition or master/slave? A more reliable test of drive speed is to due a giant copy of a movie file 700MB or 4GB....and a seperate test of a folder full of small files. The giant movie file will tell you how many Megabytes per second your are getting in throughput. => size of file divided by seconds to copy.
  5. If you ever have system panics when changing applications, loading applications, saving files, burning dvds, using firefox, using torrent applications, etc., then it is probably your power supply. It might be your power supply unit being not powerful enough..creating an unstable system... .e.g. start an application or use a hard drive, or burn a DVD and the system will crash... not enough electricity from you power supply....screws your system up.... get a PC Power and Cooler Power Supply Silencer 750. They are the best on the market in terms of quality/price.
  6. It might be your power supply unit being not powerful enough..creating an unstable system...or you are overclocking your system too much
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    It might be your power supply unit being not powerful enough..creating an unstable system...or you are overclocking your system too much
  8. It might be your power supply unit being not powerful enough..creating an unstable system...or you are overclocking your system too much
  9. Do you have a sufficiently big power supply unit? e.g. 500 watts? 10.5.5 requires a patch for your network... try some of the available realtek network patches and let us know which one it was that works..I forgot which one I used. Try a network realtek patch. My bonjour works fine.
  10. Hi... if any of you are having problems installing, try this method because it seems to have less complaints in terms of troubleshooting needs and difficulty installing. Method for RETAIL DVD install or existing authentic Leopard volume LS8 patch pack. Additional fine-tuning patches for after Kalyway and Retail DVD installs - For Gigabyte motherboards Troubleshooting discussion thread for installing on this motherboard + CODEC DUMP FILE Troubleshooting discussion thread for post-installation problems on this motherboard Kext Installer Application for Taruga and other patches Bios Settings, and other installation info HDAEnabler patch, requires Kext Installer Application Apple HDA codec patcher for installing codec dump file Codec Address 2 recognition (if you have address 2 - most likely), requires Kext Installer Application Codec Address 0 recognition (if you have address 0 - unlikely), requires Kext Installer Application
  11. Sounds strange... are you sure all the bios memory settings are ok? Did you try checking also in WinXP to see if it is coming out at 1066 or 800?
  12. Sound should work.. it is just a matter of patching. Video... that has really nothing to do with the motherboard itself... you just need the right patch for the videocard. ...if the patches/applications listed at the beginning of this thread don't work, try looking in the entire forum for threads about patches for your HDMI or SVHS output (is that what you are having trouble with?).
  13. Try the sound patch files at the beginning of this thread. Reboot after. Sometimes you have to install each file one at a time, then reboot at each stage. For the video, try EFI Studio to install the video driver. I think, for the drives, only the boot drive is fully internal. The other drives appear as drives that can be unmounted via finder.
  15. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=874819