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  1. Is leopard a real 64bit OS?

    valid point. Last I read was that portions of the software/utilities included in leopard have not been fully ported to 64bit. but the core kernel I think is or else how can it address more than 3 gb ram... I guess everyone forgot Steve Jobs demonstration of a 4gb photo running in 32bit vs 64bit app in OSX at macworld 2007 and difference in rendering speeds...unless it was the reality distortion field messing with my mind.. http://www.macworld.com/article/58339/2007/06/livekeynote.html the other question now is....does the apps come in 2 separate installers like windows for x86 and x64 ? Most 3rd party vendor software don't state whether they run in 64 bit mode or not...which I think alot them haven't ported over to 64bit yet... just wondering.