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  1. Sound Problems AC97

    no because i have an ac850 and there are now linux codec dump for this
  2. Hi i have an Asus a8n32sli and use the inbuild AC97 Sound. My Problem is that the sound gets recognized and plays sound but hase dropouts. sometimes it is very well and than only dopouts. i used kalyway 10.5.1 install dvd and tried some AppleAC97Audio.kext any idea?
  3. i got it all installed but i have a problem with my usb. it won't work with usb2... activating usb 1.1 in bios and all gets recognized also plugging in things in my g15 that is usb 1.1 makes everything recognized but when switching to ubs 2.0 in bios only mouse, keyboard and things pluged into the keyboard get recognized. any idea or solution?
  4. i just managed to install it at an usb drive at my notebook. there it starts perfekt. but when i plug it in my nforce pc darwin boot pops up and then it just restarts. when using -v it loads a lot thing and then restarts. what am i doin wrong? at the notebook everything works
  5. ... i used your manual and install now finished. but i have a problem with post install. i have windows vista at one hdd and mac os at another. i can get into terminal. but my problem is how i copy the patch files to root. i have the things at an usb stick formated with fat32.... edit// is the information disk2sr:device is write locked normal?
  6. hi i have a problem at installing. first it went only have an inch (the loading bar) also over night now it does 3/4 and then nothing. hdd an dvd donothing. when reseting and looking at the hdd there are 5gb but it doesn't starte. says something about power off or reset. also when i move the mouse evere 2-3 min.... i patched the image.