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  1. danskim

    OSx86 and Montevina platform

    I successfully installed Leopard on my T400, and it works completely fine. The only problem is lack of drivers for the x4500 and for my 5300 wireless card.
  2. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Yeah, sucks for us. Oh well. At least my machine is stable on Vista. Maybe the plastic MacBooks at $999 will have their interiors upgraded with x4500 Probably not though haha.
  3. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    I just said this in another post, but actually Jobs said there'd be a $999 version of the MacBook that wasn't spec'd out at the press conference. It just says, "faster graphics," which may mean it uses Intel integrated video instead of the 9400M. edit: Haha.. {censored}, the $999 one is actually the now-old MacBook. My mistake..
  4. danskim

    New macbooks

    Well the $1299 and $1599 MacBooks use the nVidia 9400M chipset, but maybe the $999 one uses x4500HD edit: Haha.. {censored}, the $999 one is actually the now-old MacBook. My mistake..
  5. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Looks like the new MacBooks come with nVIDIA cards standard without integrated Intel video. No luck for us...
  6. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Yeah, it's all speculation. The MacBook Air had a Merom-based processor with technology that was reserved for Penryn. I don't mean to argue, but what you said basically means custom in my mind (and what I intended it to mean) if no one else but Apple uses it or at least Apple gets it before other manufacturers do (in the case of 8-core MacPros based on two quad core Xeons). http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/07...r_the_hood.html "As such, people familiar with these plans say an upcoming generation of Macs, lead by a trio of redesigned notebooks, won't adopt the Montevina chipset announced as part of Intel's Centrino 2 mobile platform earlier this month. What's more, those same people suggest the chipset employed by the new wave of Macs may have little or nothing to do with Intel at all. (This should not be confused with the primary CPU, which will continue to come from Intel.)" and http://news.softpedia.com/news/MacBook-Air...led-76646.shtml Intel finally spilled the beans and presented the exact specifications for the custom-designed processor. "The MacBook Air uses the Intel Core� 2 Duo Processor and Intel 965GMS chipset with integrated Gfx using a new miniaturized package technology. This new CPU and chipset allows for approximately 60% reduction in total footprint. The Core 2 Duo Processor TDP is 20 watts. The Macbook Air is using existing Core 2 Duo technology with a lower voltage spec in a new miniaturized packaging design. It is not a ULV processor." Let's hope for them using Montevina
  7. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Yes, I mentioned the US. And I think the data is for retail sales for just that quarter or something. I said that MacBook Airs use custom chipsets, not a custom chipset with a custom graphics chip. I think they had a custom processor too. But basically, the MacBook Air was never meant to appeal to the average consumer and therefore wasn't meant to be the biggest seller (price and fuctionality are prohibitive)... but it still got a custom chipset and custom processor. It's not inconceivable to think that Apple may have a custom Intel chipset (not Montevina) with perhaps custom video for their much more popular MacBooks (which would be the ones with the potential for integrated 4500HD video). Of course I hope that's not the case, so we can reap the benefits
  8. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    The MacBook Air uses a custom chipset, and so did the Mac Pro desktops (before it was available to others at least). But actually since late 2007, Apple is the third largest laptop brand in the US (behind HP and Toshiba). It has almost a 20% market share.
  9. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Yeah, I figured that's the easiest solution. However, I read some rumors that Apple may skip Montevina and go with a custom chipset. It does seem plausible if Apple doesn't announce Montevina-based MBs and MBPs soon.
  10. danskim

    Montevina integrated video

    Does anyone else have a montevina based laptop with integrated graphics (Intel 4500HD - replaced the 3100)? I got Leopard to install, but I could not find drivers for my card.
  11. Is there any hope for Intel 5300 WiFi drivers?
  12. danskim

    OSx86 and Montevina platform

    Perhaps there's hope for those with Montevina chipsets like me... at least more hope for more hardware compatibility... Apple is rumored to be releasing new aluminum MacBooks potentially with Montevina within the next few days/weeks.
  13. danskim

    Mac OS 10.5.5 Out!

  14. danskim

    Hackintosh Tablet?

    http://www.engadget.com/2008/01/01/axiotro...ok-os-x-tablet/ Axiotron.