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  1. Supermicro X7DWA-N Snow Leopard anyone ?

    Just updated to 10.6.5 everything is running fine.
  2. Supermicro X7DWA-N Snow Leopard anyone ?

    Thanks guys i'm running 10.6.3 flowlesly now i was using iatikos installation I really didn't change anything , it's pretty much vanilla installation all I did was remove 12 GB of ram down to 4GB and installation went really smooth replaced RAM after installation ,everything is working. Actually I'm laying I cant see my NTFS partition on snow leopard now I think its because 10.6.3 is on the GUID HDD but i had trouble with it from the start. otherwise everything runs great I also migrated all of the apps from 10.5.8 and no problem there either. Also the Ethernet still doesn't work . forgot I'm using a PCI network card instead
  3. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    hi try to get iDaneb 10.5.8 and install . hit F8 at the boot screen and type busratio = 20 -v if this doesn't work try -x or -f flags Install the qoopz kernel you will have to type busratio =20 everytime at booting sequence but you can get rid of it by modifing com.apple.Boot here you can find drivers for your Dell http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/de...leopard-10-6-2/
  4. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    You can get drivers from here http://deviato.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/de...leopard-10-6-2/
  5. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    Are you installing Snow Leopard or just 10.5 and do you have dell 1564 ?? I did it with iDaneb lite 10.5.8 but i tried iAtikosv.7 and it worked for me as well.
  6. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    type busartio=20 -v when you get the boot screen
  7. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    hi I did install iDaneb 10.5.8 with a busratio=20 flag at the next reboot as well. you can find more info at tonymacosx86.com for the i3 cpu i used qoopz kernel . I didn't get a resolution and QE to work but i don't think there's a solution for this yet. I didn't used Snow Leopard because I wanted to get steady system before I'll start messing with 64bit kexts etc. . everything works except QE and resolution is stuck @ 1024x768 can't get it lower or higher Big thanks to Skyper for helping me out with that installtion
  8. Ok I've got enough trying to succeed and would like to pass it to professionals. What I need is a successful boot of Snow Leopard or 10.5.8 on my machine Dell 1564 with i3 330m bios A01 ;and for help with that I'm offering 100 $ paid through PayPal upon successful boot; preferably with resolution 1366x786. I did install Kalyway 10.5.2 and got pretty much everything working on it but I just CAN'T get through trying to install Snow Leopard or any distro above 10.5.2 I tried IPC 10.5.6 iAtikos v7 Hazard 10.5.6 universal 10.6.1 and every time I put install DVD in, it starts at the " press F8 screen " but when I hit enter (and, or -f, -v, -x,-s) computer will only restart. I tried the -boot 321 CD same issue. Kalyway goes through without a glitch -anything else lead only to the computer restarting itself. Looking for help this is a laptop for my niece and I promised her a working Mac , and just can't get it done . As I mentioned before- 100$ for your expertise and time.
  9. I need help I bought for my niece a new Dell Inspiron 1564 with Intel i3 330m it’s running on bios version A01. My problem is: only one installation I was able to do, is a Kalyway 10.5.2 or Leo4all 10.5.4 - anything higher than this it just won’t start the installation at all. Are the some additional steps I need to do before I attempt to install .Is dell having some setting in bios that will prevent install dvd’s from running on it I’ve tried IPC 10.5.6 iAtikos 10.5.7 10.6.0(retail) First distro of 10.6.1 and distro of 10.6.2. All of this installation DVD’s will bring the press F8 for install options screen, and after that if I select any flags (-f,-x,-v,s)or not , the computer will run script for about one second and simply shutdown and restart. I got Kalyway setup on this computer but I lost it trying to update to 10.5.6 … everything worked accept screen resolution Any Help would be greatly appreciated
  10. i3 330m Dell Inspiron 1564

    Well This is exactly my problem I realize it's Snow capable but........... As I mentioned: anything installation DVD above 10.5.4 would only reboot the computer I'v tried iAtkos v7 & IPC 10.5.6 Snow Leo 10.6.0 (retail) & 10.6.1 $ 10.6.2 and this distros will only reboot the computer I mean it won't even install after F8 the installation process will run for about 2 sec. and the computer will reboot. only Kalyway 10.5.2 and Leo4all 10.5.4 would install . My guess there's a conflict with Bios boot but obviously I wasn't able to fix it (tried -f on all of them)
  11. This week I bought a new laptop DELL Inspiron 1564 with Intel i3 330m. Installed OSX Leopard on it , at this point I got everything working except QE and screen resolution this would be my fist question anybody know how to get that Integrated HD Graphics Accelerator to work ?? Also second question (will try to post it separate) I was only able to boot Kalyway 10.5.2 everything else would install only up to 2 to 4 kexts, and computer would restart , it will start installation for only 1 or 2 seconds and reboot itself, last line blinks for just a split second and it says something about installing Darwin bootloader (it's so quick I never was able to read it). I tried different HDD partitions GUID and MBR, Tried Bios settings or -F flag, and same results. This would happened either with Snow or any Leopard distro above 10.5.4. Anyone can tell me what I was doing wrong why this laptop is restarting, I'm puzzled ?????
  12. running 10.5.8 flawlessly, but wondering if anyone upgraded yet to SL. I'm reading about DSDT etc. but I'm not quite motivated to start that whole process. Anyone want to try it together ??