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  1. I would also love to move up to a new system with a Tseug guide has I have also been following him since leopard. I know this is really early but has anyone got a hold of the mavericks beta and give this a go?
  2. did you get the combo update or just ran the app store installer? Also did you have to rerun the finalize script or adjust any kext to get sleep back?
  3. I fixed the odd behavior in my msi 6870 twin frozr, I am not sure what part fixed it tho. I installed, VoodooTSCSync.kext, AppleRTC.kext, and ati6000Controller.kext all from osx86, after I did all that ( Not sure if all are needed) my computer is fine after waking up. Before it was really unstable and had graphics issues. Now everything is perfect. THANKS TSEUG!!!!!
  4. Any ideas on getting sleep to work? Everything else works great but when I choose sleep it turns my display off but computer stays on. I have to hold power for 5secs before I can get it to restart. Is there a kext someone can point me to to fix this issue? **Update** Installed the universal sleepenabler kext from osx86 and check the box under the energy savings settings. It does now sleep and wake but finder and other programs act very strange after sleep. Lots of beach balls and odd behavior. Everything else works great and I am so happy to be on ML!
  5. I just got now got it to work by using kext utility and AppleHDA.kext I found on another message board. So now audio works and I am in the process of making a time machine backup so I can restore it to my ssd drive. Thank you so much for your help and great guide. I would recommend the ati6870 msi twin frozr to anyone wanting a bad ass graphics card with out of the box functionality. Wish I had ddr3 but I think the next upgrade for me is going to be an apple cinema 27 non thunderbolt
  6. Hey I feel like a moron, I was booting from my lion partition and thats why it was rebooting (guessing it was an older boot loader). Anyway I am now typing this on mlion and graphics and everything is GREAT! My only problem is audio. I have tried to understand the readme and cant make any sense of it. I am sorry I am just a noob at this. Under system report-audio-intel high defintion audio- it says the audio id is 885. Is there anyway you could put it in more simple terms of how to get audio? I have never edited a dsdt or patched any kexts. Thank you for all your help and great guide.
  7. My boot drive makes perfectly but when I actually try to boot it, it shows the white screen with scrolling text, goes for a while then reboots. I have tried to use my own cutom dsdt as well as have it make one for me. It still reboots when trying to boot to it. Only thing I could figure is my graphics? I have a p35-ds4, qx6850 quad extreme, ati 6870 msi addition twin froze, crucial m4 ssd, 6 gb crucial ddr2. I didn't have a spare flash so I just used an empty sata drive (thats how i made my lion one without issue) I am currently 10.7.2 and have been with this guide since early SL. Any ideas on anything I can try? Thank you so much in advance
  8. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I too have a mac pro mod using this mobo (nightmare) and would love a detailed write up on how you got the front usb working. I ended up splicing the power button straight to the motherboard and not dealing with firewire and usb. I looked it up on aqua mac but never could get them working. I have an ati 6870 twin frozr as my graphics card and my bluetooth dongle works great hidden inside the case.
  9. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I still can not get into the app store or the itunes store. I think this may have been caused by the new iTunes update? I am using my internet connection over pdanet because no broadband in my area. Not sure if its my hack that's causing it or pdanet. Any ideas?
  10. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    Thanks that fixed the audio issue, and waiting for root in 10.7.1 for me too! Are you having problems connecting to the iTunes store? It may just be where I use Pdanet ( Its my best option where I live) but I cannot use the app store or connect to the iTunes store. It may be something with the new iTunes?
  11. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I successfully remade the usb boot drive and successfully ran the finalize script. Although now when trying to boot it hangs on still waiting on root device any ideas?
  12. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I have the same problem, I didn't notice it when I first reported it was working fine, sorry. I also can not make the usb drive again. Im doing it the exact same way as I did last time but its give me: Usage: mkboot <Lion install app> <Target volume> any ideas? The lion.app is on the desktop with the unzipped install folder, my drive is formatted correctly. I thought that running the finalize script again might fix the audio issue but I can't remake my usb boot drive to try it out.
  13. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I updated to 10.7.1 without a problems through the standard software update. My 9800gtx still doesn't work dvi to hdmi which is did fine in SL. It does work fine dvi to vga tho. I am using efi studio 1.1 is there something better to possibly get hdmi going like it is in SL?
  14. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I have lion successfully installed but my dvi to hdmi does not work any more (have to use dvi to vga). It works great in my snow leopard partition. I use efi studio 1.1 to load in the string. Is there a better way to do it in lion? I can get full res in lion but anything graphics intensive stutters bad. Starcraft 2 is unplayable where as it plays great in snow leopard. I am thinking about getting the new 27' led apple thunderbolt display. I would also upgrade my graphics card. Should I get the mac edition of the ati 5870 or would the xfx 6870 work with the 27' acd? Any advice would be helpful
  15. [GUIDE] A fast and easy way to install Lion

    I think this way of installing does not work with HP monitors. After troubleshooting for two days I thought I had it figured out and then I brought it home from work. I have tried two differemt HP monitors and both of them say no signal when it tries to load the login screen. I plug in my acer test monitor and it comes right on. One of the HP monitors is hdmi/dvi and the other is just standard vga and they both do not work. Not sure if anyone else has run into this problem but I thought I would share it. My HP monitor works fine on my snow leopard install from the last guide so Im not sure whats different. Maybe one day I can afford an apple 27 led... p35-ds4, geforce 9800gtx+, 6gb of ram, qx6850, stupid 24' HP monitor