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  1. I'm having the same problem as you :s Gateway MT6821 Core2Duo 1.6ghz 945G chipset Sata 160GB HD Optiarc 16x DVDR+-RW :s no matter what i do, i keep getting that same error :\ i've tried formatting it a hundred different ways and reinstalling several times. I'm using Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4i r3 I know i've seen people report success with this laptop with 10.4.8 JaS, so I'm thinking i'm just doing something wrong. Is there something I'm doing wrong? :s
  2. Just curious about what the topic suggests. Is there any sort of hardware acceleration with the new 8600M Gt's in the MacBook Pros? For h.264 or vc-1.
  3. computer part store

    compatibility could be an issue, if your unsure, ask here! if for some reason you get bum advice here, which i doubt. newegg has a very easy return service.
  4. gaming mac coming?

    hrm, i just may be buying an imac 23" hrm, or maybe an imac. perhaps i'll wait til someone shows comparisons of the 2 in gaming benchmarks
  5. gaming mac coming?

    ya support for the 7950gx2 would be great. I spose really even without it, could you just throw one in anyway and it would work fine in windows for gaming? it'd just be nice i guess to have apple's support
  6. gaming mac coming?

    forget synthetic, has anyone done side by side comparisons of a mac pro or macbook running windows playing windows games? Really thats the only thing keeping me from buying a mac, I'd love a stable apple made system that ran OS X out of the box. Unfortunately mac game titles come few and far between. Although I'm not a huge gamer, i'm not going to spend a lot of money on a machine that i CAN'T play a game on, if or when i want to. to be fairly honest i'm not a real gamer at all. just wouldn't want to buy a machine that wasn't capable of doing so. especially as macs aren't cheap, i could probably buy a pc with a lot more power for cheaper. Anyway this message is just to clear up my original intent of the thread. the real question was, does Apple plan on releasing anything with some beefier gamer video cards?
  7. gaming mac coming?

    well erm, ya that was the point of the thead :\
  8. gaming mac coming?

    ehhh, sure i mean theres the quadro cards, but those aren't gaming cards and i would hardly call the 7300GT a gaming card either. not to sound like a fool as i haven't seen benchmarks comparing the mac pro to a windows pc running games with like say perhaps a Nvidia 7950. I'll have to call {censored} on your claim m8
  9. Is mac going to be releasing any sort of system that is more friendly to gamers? The Mac pro is a nice system, but not really geared towards gamers with its opengl video cards. Something perhaps even with an SLI or something? Just curious I'd really love to buy a mac system, but I'd like something that I could boot and play newer games with. Either on OS X or windows but probably windows. Perhaps the new Imac 23" will have some better video card options? :\
  10. Dude if your going to spend 1300 buy a 30" lcd. who needs a faster pc. you just need more screen real estate! ahah. seriously tho, if your going to spend 1300 for an Imac. Wouldn't it be better put into a sli config or some other nice config for the windows gaming side, pair with with a core2 cpu. I imagine you could get a pretty nice core 2 system for 1300 :\ Going a bit off-thread here, I was a bit disappointed by the Mac Pro announcement. I was hoping Apple would have announced a more gamer friendly system too. Something perhaps with like a sli config or a somewhat newer gamer video card. Oh well.
  11. Stoplight 1.1 Released

    erm, cool! but you called it Spotlight once there int he description
  12. Still Waiting For Root Device

    Sjoske , I am experiencing the same problem myself , i had a fully working 10.4.5 install and decided i'd try updating to 10.4.6. Now it won't boot to single user to finish the install. Is this the same thing that your experiencing? :\ I'm running a intel 845g system , dell dimension 2400 with a p4 2.2ghz 1 wd 200gb eide drive and 1 NEC 4x dvd+-rw
  13. 10.4.4/5 199$ mac

    ok so the Intel side has been addressed, so now for ppl that prefer the other white meat. Anyone got any nice suggestions for an Athlon 64 setup. THis is more challenging but AMD OWNS!
  14. New compile of MPlayer (CVS060310)

    nice software, thanks alot. I have a small question though, doesn't apple or any other 3rd party company make video playing software for OS X that can do wmv?
  15. rdesktop-cvs

    What sort of system are you running, i'm remoting into some machines of mine and the lag unbearable. i can screen redraws at 1024x768x16bit (fullscreen) using Rosetta rdp client. Im gonna try rdesktop, I always had no problems with that on Ubuntu. I just have to figure out how to install X11 and get that going. My System Dell 2400 P4 2.4ghz 256m ram Intel 845G graphics