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  1. is there anyway to get this running on a amd machine its just at the grey apple logo now it has been for about half n hour
  2. yah can you pretty plz post ure config file PLZPLZ thnks
  3. thnks man i think il jus dwnld JaS 10.5.2 and install that on vmware it seems a shedload easier thnks again EDIT: well i carried on trying kalyway on vmware 6.5 beta i typed -x in this time instead of -s it ran through a load of code the last lines are Dsmos: initializing... dsmos: Hook And Decryption Context Set ! dsmos: Starting... and its been on this screen for about 10 mins i dont know hwat to do helpz plz EDIT 2:ok a small breakthrough i have got it to a grey screen by typing "-v -x -y cpus=1" at the advanced startup options should i wait or what??? HEEELP EDIT 3 (Sigh): ol it seems i am nearly at the point of install i have got to the beachball and the background(purple and black with stars) i used "-x -y cpus=1" this time
  4. I Downloaded "Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd" When I Try Opening The Iso In Vmware 6.0 Windows Vista Btw I Press F8 Type -s And it Runs Through Some Code But Stops Dead After About 7 Secs it says Checksum Cookie Not Valid Then The Line Underneath Says FusionMPT:Resseting SCSI Domain 0 It Hangs For A Minute then About 20-30 lines of code Scroll Down the Last Line Is USD Process Name Corresponding To Current Thread : kernel_task Then Vmware Says The CPU Has Been Disabled By The Guest Operating System You Will Need To Power Off Or Reset The Virtual Machine At This Point Can You Please Help Im Running Amd Athlon Processor 3800+ 1gb memory 120gb HD Dual Boot Windows Vista+Ubuntu Helpsies