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    10.5.7 Released

    Does anyone know how to update from 10.5.5 to 10.5.7 if i used this guide? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=121849 I dont want to ruin my hackintosh (it has alot of important files on it)
  2. Ive been looking for them for myself but i can only find a folder skin.. You have some application icons? (mail, safari iphoto, itunes, iwork, LineIn, Fillezilla so practicaly everything you got will help:P)
  3. Lol you just have Windows & with a OSX dock mod
  4. OMG im looking for nice white icons for ages! where did u get them from?
  5. For sale: Itunes Gift Cards worth $200 for the price of $85 The code gives you $200 on your iTunes account, you can buy EVERYTHING on iTunes with it (albums, songs, tv shows, movies etc). The code is sent to your e-mail as soon as possible when the payment is arrived. You must redeem the code within 24hours. Payment can be made through Bank transfer, paypal or Alertpay for more info you can always pm me
  6. juulie

    The best argument against Prop 8

    most lame discussion ever..... just stop it
  7. Can we just update to 10.5.6 or do we have to do anything special? thanx in advance (as im still a noob)
  8. a little more specific??
  9. juulie

    Why do torrent download faster in Windows?

    its not: it depends on what peers you are connected (thats the succage of p2p) so maybe next time you download on osx, it could be faster then windows
  10. juulie

    Apple Red theme release

    does anyone know why my highlight is blue and not black (but i dont have that bold font) http://localhostr.com/files/983b89/Picture%201.png
  11. thnx for the help: i got the front via the red apple threat