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  1. And if you do make another comment, you will get reported.

  2. one more useless thread about the same thing that had been documented a billion times on this forum, great work.....
  3. carlusius

    Teclado ABNT2 no Mac EDITADO 11/08/08 :D

    Consegui fazer os caracteres "\" e "|" funcionarem na tecla a direita do shift esquerdo (teclado acer ABNT2 pelo menos). 1)instale o VoodooPS2Controller 2)copie o arquivo AcerBrasileiro.keylayout para /library/keyboardlayouts/ , faça logout, login, ele deve estar disponível para uso. o arquivo para download no item 2 é uma versão levemente modificada por mim de uma que eu encontrei nos fóruns alguns meses atrás, apenas não me lembro quem postou, mas de qualquer forma obrigado ao mesmo. PS: é nescessária a remoção dos kexts: appleacpips2nub e appleps2controller para a instalação do voodoops2controller, caso contrário pode causar kernel panic. AcerBrasileiro.keylayout.zip VoodooPS2Controller_0.98_installer.pkg.zip
  4. carlusius

    A new synaptics driver :)

    here are the lines i modified: } else if(exclusive&&abs_x>1230) //Vertical scroller /* is the finger inside our slidezone? */ <<sets the vertical scrolling area size, higher value shrinks scrolling area ---------------- } else if(exclusive&&abs_y>1195) /* Bottom horizontal scroller */ << sets the horizontal scrolling area size, higher value shrinks scrolling area ---------------- /* Transform the synaptics coordinates to approximate 0,0 coords */ abs_y = 6143 - abs_y; abs_x -= 500; abs_x = 0 > abs_x ? 0 : abs_x; abs_y = 0 > abs_y ? 0 : abs_y; changed it to 6143 to remove the top "deadspot". the top area seemed to not work at all, even with dragging (swipe gesture) disabled. you dont need to enable dragging gesture on prefpane cause it will drag even without it selected, i didnt removed the swipe gesture code, so leave it disabled, it will do pretty much nothing. Those values i posted on the code box was from my latest build, pretty much the only mods was the scrolling area sizes, i'm too lazy to post it here right now, if someone wants it just ask and i'll upload it. ---------------------------- synaptics touchpad interfacing guide has useful information about synaptics trackpad, you can get it here: http://www.synaptics.com/sites/default/fil...ties/ACF126.pdf
  5. carlusius

    A new synaptics driver :)

    So, i changed some lines on the source, scrolling area were shrinked, top swipe area (annoying imo) was removed, debugging aparently disabled and horizontal scrolling speed up a little. for those who wanna try its attached here. tested on a synaptics 6.2 and working well. edit: source code attached ApplePS2Controller.kext.zip source.zip
  6. got it to install without the pacifist thing. try this, copy both install.mpkg and install.app to your desktop (one of them may be hidden). right click install.mpkg and select show package contents, navigate to contents folder and you'll find a file called distribution.dist, open it on textedit ande delete this section: /* Check hardware virtualization only during installation */ if((!system.files.fileExistsAtPath('/System/Library/Extensions/prl_hypervisor.kext/Contents/Info.plist')) && cpu_check != 0) { my.result.type = 'Fatal'; my.result.title = system.localizedStringWithFormat('HW_Virtualization_T'); my.result.message = system.localizedStringWithFormat('HW_Virtualization_M'); return false; } save it and run install.mpkg. this will let you install, but still i got the hardware virtualization error.
  7. carlusius

    A new synaptics driver :)

    new build attached, didnt tried it yet... from the MSI wind forums: -------------------- EDIT: tried that, the scroll area seems bigger, actually like 1/3 of the whole trackpad. SentelicSynaptics.zip
  8. carlusius

    A new synaptics driver :)

    which kext did you installed?? the one i attached was the synaptics scrolling driver from the wind forums. its NOT supposed to give you the trackpad prefpane back, for that, try the link i gave you on my prev. post, and look on the wind forum (link on the 1st post), it does have a workaround info there. Please, this is a thread for the synaptics driver, not for your prefpane issue, so google it instead of polluting this one.
  9. carlusius

    A new synaptics driver :)

    works great here!! synaptics 6.2 trackpad, both horizontal and vertical working pretty well... look like there are some bugs, but still very useable.. tip: enable smooth scrolling on appearance prefpane, it makes scrolling look better. ------------------------------- probably not, look here, might help: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...142466&st=0 --------------------------------- attached the file for those who cant/want download from the original site.... synaptics.kext.zip
  10. carlusius


    bom, estou postando aqui uma imagem que eu fiz que deu certo aqui, QE/CI e resoulução OOTB com GMA950 http://www.4shared.com/file/88698543/54a32...ius_cdboot.html? (sim, ele tem 1,5mb, mas gravado da 55MB grave com o disk utility) possui: ACPIPS2Nub.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext AppleACPIPS2nub.kext AppleAPIC.kext AppleIntegratedFramebuffer.kext ApplePS2Controller.kext AppleSMBIOS.kext dsmos.kext IntelCPUPMDisabler.kext Natit.kext SMBIOSEnabler.kext o teclado funcionou na instalação, porem tive que utilizar um mouse USB, apos a instalação apenas tive que instalar o ApplePS2Controller.kext com o kexthelper e o trackpad começou a funcionar. Utilizei este app pra criar minhas imagens no OS X, se alguem quiser está aqui: http://www.4shared.com/file/88717768/518cc...Disc_Maker.html O Programa NÃO é meu, tirei do topico original, porem como ele tem ~56 paginas nao vou pesquisar la novamente. espero que ajude... edit: o disco de instalação é RETAIL, nao aqueles de restauração/update?
  11. open terminal and type: sudo nano /library/preferences/systemconfiguration/com.apple.boot.plist [password] <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>-v cpus=1</string> ctrl+x to exit---> Y to save--> filename, just press enter. its cpus=1, not cpu=1
  12. carlusius

    Microfone não funciona!

    placa de som usb é mais um trmbolho pra carregar imho. se ela funciona saida de som no azalia possivelmente é alc88x, neste caso da pra ir testando os drivers do taruga, sao uns 3 ou 4. tambem da pra fazer o dump do codec por um live cd do linux e utilizar o hdapatcher pra fazer um kext para sua placa. ps: hdapatcher fez com q o shutdown nao desligasse completamente meu note (leds ligados e fan rodando). solucionado com alc883 add0 do taruga.