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  1. alexaffonso

    **Updated** SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    This IOUSBFamily.kext killed all my USB ports. The sleep works great, but I lose all my USB ports. All that is kept working is Trackpad and Keyboard. Do you how can I solve it?
  2. alexaffonso

    SleepEnabler for 10.6.5

    After using this kext the Sleep finally works. But not the way it should be: as soon as my machine sleeps, it wakes up! I think it's something to do with USB, because I tried with a IOUSBFamily.kext posted somewhere in the forum and It went well, but killed my USB ports. Do you know what I can do to fix such issue?
  3. blakken, I did what you said: downloaded PartedMagic, run the shell command and ended up with the following screen, with 4 different entries for Ricoh: I tried to use the first one, but I'm lost. I converted the number 1180:0822 to decimal, which gave me 4480:2082. Is this correct? What is the idProduct and idVendor? Should I use these numbers? I tried then, but no lucky. Could you help me again?
  4. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    gurde, i'm having no side effects. I undesrtand what your talking about. I'm in the same situation. it worked very well at 10.6.4 and now it doesn't. I guess it's with some incompatibility of the driver with this new update, of course. With the solution gave by ivik, it's working without any problems. I think you should try it and see for yourself. And please, send me your VoodooSDHC if you can.
  5. How should I be able to do that if when I insert a Memory Card into the slot nothing happens? I don't have the slot recognized by the system. Into system profiler, it says I do not have a card reader installed at all. What should I do?
  6. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    No. I still have my system at full 4GB memory. And the Ethernet LAN is working great! What limits your system memory is maxmem=1024 on kernel flags.
  7. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    It worked! That's it! Thanks Ivik. Gurde, try it too! I think it can be the solution for you too. I added max_valid_dma_addr=1024 to kernel flags at apple.com.Boot.plist and now the Ethernet connecton works great! I'll test stability, but I guess it's all ok! Now I only need to know what VoodooSDHC kext you use for the card reader to work too. Could you send me yours, please? None I found really works on my Vostro 1500.
  8. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    The page for this link is not working... What's the correct post URL?
  9. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    Thanks. But how do you know it's really working? I do have VoodooPowerMini.kext installed. One more question: what VoodooSDHC kext are you using? Mine one is not working too. I'm trying different approaches, but unsuccessful.
  10. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    Great! In 10.6.4, on my Vostro 1500 with nVidia 8400M GS 128MB, shutdown never worked. And I've never installed voodopowermini before. I'll try it out. What exactly does it do with speed step? What should I expect? I had an issue that when on battery power, my system was recognized as Core2Duo 1.1GHz and on power adpater it was correctly loadd as 2GHz. What worked before update to 10.6.5: Audio (VoodooHDA) Keyboard and Trackpad (VoodooPS2Controller) Battery Power Meter (VoodooBattery) USB (Origihal IOUSBFamily and IOUSBMassStorage) Graphics Card (GraphicEnabler=Yes at apple.com.Boot.plist) WiFi (Airport) Ethernet LAN (AppleBCM440xEthernet) Webcam VGA and S-Video Output only for Extended Desktop (No mirroring at all) After 10.6.5 I had to update to some new VoodooHDA kext from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] 2.4 for audio, IOUSBFamily kext for USB, but for Ethernet there was no solution. Well, I guess I didn't forget anything. Just tell me more about SpeedStep, please! why should I use it? And I'll make some research about SleepEnabler. Mine doesn't work either.
  11. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    No. It never worked. I disabled the sleep into system preferences. And when I shutdown, the power does not shutdown completely. I need to hold the power button 'till it turns off. Do you have the same issue? Could you tell me what works and what does not work on your Vostro?
  12. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    I don't know. I wish someone could know how to solve it. Actually, I hadn't find anything so far.
  13. alexaffonso

    Broadcom440x Problems after 10.6.5 Update

    I had the same problem. It recognized my new Ethernet at en1 and when I tried to activate it... You know! Force shutdown! Then I uninstalled AppleBCM440xEthernet.kext and everything goes well (without LAN connection at all). I'm currently using the Airport to connect to the Internet, but I really need Ethernet to work back again... But I don't whatelse I can do to fix it.
  14. Hello you all! Recently I update my system to 10.6.5 via Combo Update and everything's working fine, except for AppleBCM440xEthernet.kext. The only way I can make it work is setting maxmem=1024 at apple.com.Boot.plist. But I need to use all my 4GB installed RAM and when I disable maxmem=1024 the Ethernet board is not even recognized by the new system. Does anyone has any clue on that? I tried every BCM440x kext I found here and there, some generate Kernel Panic, some doesn't do anything and some makes my system delays its boot forever. I'd appreciate any feedback from you! Thanks in advance.