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  1. Hi guys, I just installed the 10.4.6 Jas patched image onto my HP p4 and everything runs fine but now Id like to use garageband and the other cool programs that made the 10s of DVDrs ive wasted worth it, but when I run the Install Bundled Software off the disc it gives me the error in the topic title. Is there a way I can get around this? Thanks
  2. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Hey guys. Thanks to the brains for writing this stuff. I have an x300SE PCI-e card id 5B60, the same as the one your supposed to remove. Ive installed teh patch and edited the appropriate kexts as the readme says and cleared the kextcache. It shows up in darwin at boot as 16mb vesa 2.0. I can get it to run in 1024x768 fine, but when i edit the Boot.plist and change it to 1280x1024 it displays that res,but out of freq range for my monitor. My monitor wants 75hz and all i get is a super pixely vibrating picture til i go back to 1024x768. Is there a way to change the frequency easliy? Thanks for your help guys!
  3. Dual Boot from the Beginning

    You guys seem to know what your talking about, so i have a few questions, and I appreciate the help. I have downloaded 10.4.5 about 4 times all being corrupt after the dl, BUT i have a working 10.4.3 install disk. After reformatting my comp severl time over several weeks, I FINALLY read a bit more online and got my dual boot to work, the way you mention (hitting f8 really fast, lol). Now, in 10.4.3 is there a way I can set my resolution to 1280x800 and have it work on a intel integrated controller? I read online somewhere some guy said he hacked the kexts and got it running even with the extreme functionality. Ive added the lines to usr/library/....boot.plist and still reverts to 1024x768. Also, did you guys figure out a way to not have to really quickly f8? something a bit more leisurely? hah thanks guys
  4. This beign the official dual booting forum, I thought id ask here. Ive searched through the forums, wiki and google to no avail. Maybe im alone on this problem but hopefully you guys could figure it out. I have a 3.4ghz dual core P4 Media center, with a clean install of MCE, which, because of HP being cheap, is 2 partitions, a 1 gig fat32 recovery partition, and a 230gig NTFS containing XP. I then partitioned a 12gig chunkout of the XP chunk for osx. I downloaded the 10.4.3 iso with weseleys patch. Apparently i didnt format the 12 gig chunk correctly, but the osx installer let me reformat and the install went clean from there. UNTIL... I restarted the machine. This being my first dual boot and being excited I forgot to install a bootloader, so it booted to a blinking underscore, until i turn it off. My friend sent me acronis, a boot loader, after which installing I can boot perfect into osx, but that blinking underscore is all that would come up until i turned it off. I have tried repairing it with a winxp pro cd, pretty much everything i could find online short of fixMBR, which i dont know much about, but has a scary warning lol. Does anyone have any ideas where to go from here? Thank for your help!
  5. What about a ASUS PTGD1-LA Puffer-UL8E mobo? Will SATA work? Ethernet? Thanks!