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  1. larabee

    AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    I gave PowerColor Rx 480 Devil 8GB a try. Is my result normal or too low?
  2. larabee

    OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    I see a clear improvement with large PDF files ( mine is around 200 MB ) Mine shows a lot of improvement too on R9 270x My config: Core i7 4790k Gigabyte gaming 3 ALC 1150 sound with patched appleHDA, audio ID 1 R9 270x Everything works perfectly.
  3. Hey Brian, we are in the same boat. Here is what I did: - Back up your data or just get a new SSD - Format the darn thing, 1 partition with GPT , Mac OS extended Journaled. For some reasons, I was never able to get rid of Chameleon bootloader without problem, so I formatted the whole thing and start from scratch. - Install Yosemite from USB ( you can use the Uni%^$$&$# thing from Tony$&*%^$&* to make USB installer if you want) - Using that USB to boot to your newly installed SSD - Install Clover onto SSD. Pick the options that works with your system. (install clover to ESP, RC scripts ...). Remember to migrate the Kexts to Clover folder ( fakesmc, etc...) You should be able to boot from clover. Since I switch to clover, I get a boost of 5-10% performance wise, especially OpenGL compared to Chameleon.
  4. is it ok to get this score? R9 270x
  5. larabee

    Maverics 10.9.3 official release

    updated without problem, H77M-D3h and a R9 270x. (Have to install bootloader to EFI partition for the 270x to work)
  6. I have almost the same rig: gigabyte P45-UD3L 8gb RAM 6HDDs filled in 6 SATA port to make sure they all work out , 1 is SSD to make boot time faster. radeon 5870 Soundblaster WoW wireless headset ( work perfectly since it's USB base ) Apple mouse and keyboard Ethernet work great with DHCP using RealtekR1000SL.kext Never have a problem with sleep. I think the main reason I have such stable system is having a good DSDT patch from DSDT auto patcher ( you can search in the forum )
  7. i havent tested it since snow leopard. Check if your soundcard in Intel HD compatiple. If yes, the voodoo should work only if you connect the 10-pin(5x2) Front audio header on the card. Audio input is a hit and miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  8. don't use iatkos ... use retail and you should see the miracle.
  9. EP45-UD3L Q9550 gigabyte 5870 fully functional after update I used SB arena USB sound, so dont need for extra kext safe to proceed. open GL performance has been greatly increased especially in starcraft 2 and Aperture 3 ! Cheer !!!! :D
  10. I had artifacts once before with 2 monitors. Try to switch the DVI ports.
  11. larabee

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    I do have the same KP while installing the graphic update. This event indicated that your system is not ready to load and run all new kexts from the update. Perhaps some under-the-hood modification in iatkos broke the mapping in those kext. I did try with iatkos for weeks with no hope at all. THen, I switch to retail with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] ATI, it works right at the first time.
  12. larabee

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    my hackintosh boot in 3 secs with a low grade kingston 64gb V series gen 1 with newer SSD, our hacktintosh should make use of this feature a lot I love the current interface. Apple plz just put new features that improve our productivity.
  13. larabee

    ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    Finally I can make my 5870 work perfectly in 64bit! I think the answers for most of the KP related to X3000 are: - device ID is not inserted properly. - You're not using retail install ( iatkos is prone to KP using this bootloader and kabyl's too ) - One of your kexts is not 64bit compatible - Check your dsdt and your kexts to make sure there's no conflict.
  14. larabee

    OS X 10.7 is Lion

    I love the mission control Just can't wait for it to come out. I hope there will be some improvements under the hood such as core images to make use of the more and more powerful graphic card. on the other hand, launch pad is absolutely useless to me. I like the grid in snowleo and I can scroll to my app in just 2 secs.
  15. We're at the same boat. I got stuck exactly where J Lamp had.