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  1. Make sure you take note which applications you’re running when the freeze happen. I have not have any problem so far running a mix of adobe suite and final cut pro. In the past, most of my freezes are from audio application (logic pro, and others) running through usb 2 bus.
  2. Yeah let me know if that works. I remember that is the type of core i7...
  3. I just need to check maximum temperature on my hack during summer and assume that's the maximum temperature ever haha. I can wrap up all of my tests here. I'm asking other people to test it too, make sure we have enough data points
  4. @AudioGod Yeah Glasgood EFI failed the test with ATI frame buffer error. This one only gets 3 / 500, so I marked it as passed. My poor components has gone through almost 2k power cycle for now, lolz. about GPU monitoring, I don't use any Kext at all, I use a script: while sleep 1; do clear;ioreg -l |grep \"PerformanceStatistics\" | cut -d '{' -f 2 | tr '|' ',' | tr -d '}' | tr ',' '\n'|grep 'Temp\|Fan\|Clock'; done Not sure why we need to install kext to monitor GPU temperature...
  5. I have no idea why, properly because of the 9700k series then. I don't have the 9700 series to test it out so, I assume it's just cosmetic. To get it correctly, you have to fill in the CPU type in clover
  6. @AudioGod This EFI is unstable with BIOS lower than F9. Just tested that out to make sure. F9 is the minimum compatible bios. Everything is working normally. I've tested on both of my machine , one is running F9, one is F10. Both pass all of my tests with flying colors (Final cut pro, lux mark, unigine heaven 9 hours loop) rock solid for now. Sleep, wake shutdown is ok with 500 cycles test. My 8700K and Vega 56 is recognized correctly, radeon VII works as it should. Temperature within normal range.
  7. I've kept my own serial and all of the rt variables unique. That's why I don't have any problem activating imessage. If Apple sees too many activation using the same serial, you will need to generate different ones and worst case you may get your apple ID blacklisted.
  8. I saw a bunch of patches for USB ports patches here:
  9. NOPE. Things just work for me. Make sure you put your MAC address on ROM field in Rt Variables.
  10. I have it on my real mac too. You can safely ignore the AppleInternal/Library/Extensions because it’s meant for developing apps. So if you want to add something to /System/Library/ for testing, but don't want to do it in the "real" software - you could add it to /AppleInternal/System/Library/ instead - and get the same effect. If the folder doesn’t exist and some kexts call for it, you will see the warning. For the Proceed w/o DiskArbm it’s The disk arbitration daemon that maintains the list of available disks for graphical interface. Did you turn on TRIM? Try doing a disk repair in safe mode. I think those warnings are tied to some IO problems that needs to be patched but it also appears on my real iMac 2017 then it’s an Apple thing, not hackintosh particular problem.
  11. I don't have hair in the beginning, so... you lose on the who has less hair faster haha. Sent you a quick message about the PCI power lane is not closing off, but I think I should post the info here to see if anyone can agree with it. You suspect PCI lane is not closing fully and there is still power running from the graphic card... Good idea to test out. your Nitro+ rx580 is using NCP81022 voltage controller which produces 4+1 phases and running as 3+1 with doubler to make it 6 phases without any Dynamic Phase Control and Automatic Power State Switching features. whereas Gigabyte Rx580 Aorus is running IR3567B 6+2 and has Dynamic Phase Control and Automatic Power State Switching with auto phase detection and auto compensation. depending on the BIOS approach of the 2 cards, those chips may interfere with shutdown if DSDT/SSDT is extracted from gigabyte and run on nitro+? @AudioGod I'll give FakeSMC a try.
  12. @AudioGod and I have been pulling out hairs out trying to figure this out haha.
  13. The USB 3 port in glasgood original EFI and DSDT EFI is patched in a way that disable USB2 on USB3 ports. You can create your own USB patch using the guide included in the first post.
  14. I'm using Wacom Intuos Pro on my hack and it's working perfectly fine. Not a source of any issue with the latest driver. Another note on iGPU, as long as you have any thing newer than a rx580, you can rest assure that they are more powerful and faster than any intel iGPU , so iGPU is no longer needed.
  15. I've run many tests with iMac 19,1 vs iMac PRO. Please stick with iMac Pro for the best performance and stability with Glasgood new EFI. I have better benchmark, exporting faster and gains at least 8-9 fps in openGL games and metal performance is about 15% better.