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  1. Hey guys, so I currently have a stable build of DP4 on the following specs using myHack. i5 2500k MSI Z68A G45 MSI 560 Ti HAWK 4GB g.skill If anyone with a similar build needs help, just PM me. This was easier than installing Windows.. God bless the devs who work on tools like myHack and Uni.
  2. Mountain Lion - DP4 - Install Notes

    Hi guys, So in preparation for the release of Mountain Lion next month, I will be testing out installing DP4 on a spare drive. I already have a working Lion installation with almost everything working using a vanilla uni + multi method. I just wanted to know if uni + multi combo still holds good for ML or do I have to stray off the track and try new things like myHack? thanks.
  3. So I installed 10.6.3 on a triple boot along with Windows 7 and Leopard. But when I boot with no flags, SL says I have no keyboard or trackpad attached. I boot with -f arch=i386, I think my keyboard and trackpad works but the screen goes blank. There's definite computer activity. I searched the whole forum, I tried a bunch of different kexts. Still no luck. Point to note: I do not have an ApplePS2Controller.kext in my Extensions folder. Is that normal? I installed SL using the retail dvd. (with a converted dmg of course)
  4. Hey guys, today i upgraded to win7.. and long story short, i had to get back to vista. But in the process i lost leopard. now am back to vista, and trying to install Leopard. Leopard has installed with some graphic issues which am trying to sort out. The actual problem is the boot loader. Before i screwed up everything today, whenever i booted, the windows boot manager would show me the options first and then if i chose Leopard, it would kick in the Chameleon boot loader. Now the order has reversed. is there a way to get it back to how it was? p.s - i use EasyBCD too...
  5. Updating 10.5.1 to 10.5.6

    Afaik, going with a clean jump to 10.5.6 seems a better idea. Cuz i was went for Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.4 and then i jumped to xXx 10.5.6 cuz all the patching from update to update got very technical after 10.5.4
  6. Post 10.5.6 Problems

    Problems with shut down happens now and then when on AC power.. I've tested both Kalyway and xXx. On battery, Kalyway used to not shut down at all. You can use this to make it shut down properly everytime. sudo shutdown -h now No idea of your restart issue xXx is working great for me at the moment
  7. hey guys, i tried replacing the powermanagement.bundle on my extensions folder. after authenticating and everything it says i dont have sufficient privileges
  8. Hey guys, i have looked everywhere possible but couldn't find an answer.. Here's what i've got running: cam, dual boot, wifi, sound (except the 2nd audio jack) Here's what's not working: External Hard Drives not detecting (iTouch gets connected though), but i can see the hard drive details from device manager equivalent on the mac.. (sorry, total noob here) Battery status not showing up Now i've got a PowerManagement.bundle file to get the batter status working, but how do i go about installing it? Additional info : while installing, i chose only the default kernel. No graphics patch or anything...
  9. hope this helps.. http://dailyapps.net/2008/03/hack-attack-d...-windows-vista/
  10. Kalyway or Neo4all?

    i found the patches required for audio and lan.. can somebody help me by giving link to the nvidia Titan Patch??
  11. Kalyway or Neo4all?

    hey guys, my config is as follows : Pentium D930 - 3ghz dual core Original Intel D945GNT mobo 1gb RAM Nvidia 6200 TC 256mb i am really confused which version of osx86 is best suitable for my rig. i've checked the osx86 compatibility wiki, but couldn't find a proper solution. please help me.