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  1. Sorry I haven't posted in a while... Got my white S10 a couple of weeks ago... OSX installs... easily... i used msiwindosx and once its installed its pretty easy to use a couple of kexts and a wifi enabler... what works. Graphics full 1024x600 resoltion Wifi Sleep/Wake Runs smoothly Which is almost all that I need. What doesn't work.. Brightness control, but you can use 3rd party programs to control brightness Sound !! The big one.. but a few teams are working on it. Ethernet... but who needs it when you have wifi. Right now I have it dual booting osx/vista... and im going to try to triple boot osx/vista/xp let me know if you have questions.
  2. I hope you're correct.. People kept saying that the board could only handle 1gb per slot (in which case its pretty garbage) I'll test that theory out too... my single 2gb chip came in today so I'll repost when its installed. (ideapad hasn't shipped yet)
  3. No, I have not installed yet. They have not shipped any of the ideapads to people who bought them. I was one of the first to buy when they became available and my estimated ship date is 9/9/08 so you'll have to check back about a week later. I picked up an extra 2 gigs of ram, but because 512 is soldered on to the board it will only bring it up to 1.5 gb of ram (which isn't too bad for running osx.. if it works) I'm definitely going to install osx on it the moment I get it since I don't care for a windows laptop... however, after seeing an 8.9 inch asus in best buy I'm scared that a 10 inch netbook might be a bit too small... we'll see.. if there are experienced osx86 people checking this I'll definitely need your help installing... I'm going to read up on the msi forum and hopefully installing will be similar/easier than the wind!!
  4. Well keep checking back. I'll let you know how the install is when it gets delivered in 2 weeks.
  5. Most people are saying that bluetooth isn't going to be available with these laptops that are being launched... Does anybody know if leopard will support a usb micro bluetooth dongle? I have no idea if that will work in leopard but i'd like to know too... maybe one of the osx86 veterans can chime in here?
  6. I'm with you on that one.... I'll probably hold off until it gets shipped before I buy ram for it... by then maybe we'll have answers about what it accepts.... I can confirm that it has a GMA 950... here is the email I got from lenovo about my order today. Dear Valued Lenovo Customer, We are contacting you with regard to your recent Lenovo IdeaPad S10 order. Please note that we recently experienced a web error which caused the Graphics Card of your S10 to be listed erroneously. The correct card that is configured into the unit is the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor the original component, as it is not available for the system you ordered. For more information on the Graphics Card and a technical comparison, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_GMA#GMA_950. If you are not satisfied with updated configuration, please reply to this e-mail with your current Order Number and your cancellation request. We will cancel your order at that time. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and appreciate your business. Sincerely, Lenovo Customer Service Website: www.lenovo.com/us hope that helps unconfuse anybody thats reading this...
  7. Link you provided shows GMA 945 chipset... is that the same as GMA 950? Not having audio might be a deal breaker for me... like in a big way.. if it has bluetooth then I don't care about mic in because during the rare rare case that I need to use the line in I can use my bluetooth headset
  8. I'm almost certain its an error.. And really excited about it being an error... they arent out yet... they started taking orders yesterday when I bought mine and my ship date is 9/9 so I'll keep you posted when it comes in. I still don't know how I feel about replacing my macbook with that little guy but it should be a fun project
  9. I actually picked a white one up and started a thread about it yesterday... here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry862976 there is some speculation that it might have a GMA 950 chipset in there which isn't bad news.. just means it will be compatible for sure... from what I can tell this thing will be 100% compatible out of the box!? its got a broadcom wifi card EDIT: I'm also not trying to hijack this thread... I came over because I was excited to see what the experience was of ppl puting osx on other netbooks... that being said its probably not a bad idea to keep ideapad speculation in its own thread
  10. Thanks for the link... that sounds good to me... no not good.. it sounds very good... My current macbook runs a GMA 950.. and I it does the job for me quite well.... Now it looks like the S10 will be compatible in every way... Saw in your sig that you've got an MSI Wind running OSX... what are you impressions of it? how hard was the install etc.
  11. I was thinking this could be an option... Its a tough situation to be in though.. While it would be sweet if the new macbooks get released with the x4500 I really don't want the lappy if its not running OSX. If I'm replacing my macbook with this thing for portability I guess that means I'll need to build myself a cheap OSX desktop as well! Right now I've just been "docking" my macbook whenever I get home. They definitely have gotten a lot cheaper. Honestly I don't know what you use your computer for, but having my macbook air for 2 months without a dvd drive showed me I really wouldn't miss having one. I use my dvd drive to burn DVD's ... and I don't do that on the road. I'll have to pick up some ram for this guy too. 512 is embarrassing
  12. haha.. saw you over on slickdeals a while ago... guess we're in the same boat and can figure this out together. I think the atom will probably be able to handle leopard although it might not be extremely pretty. I have a macbook and a macbook air (which i'll be selling shortly). The macbook air can't take one tenth of the abuse that i give my macbook (and the air i have runs a 1.6ghz core 2 duo) I bought a white one so that it would look more like a macbook and ship date is 9/9.. osx86 veterans... is it difficult/ impossible to install from an external hard drive? or do i need to pick up an external dvd drive? I'm with you and not looking for anything amazing either... I just no longer like windows. I'd like to be able to carry a small portable around that I can surf the net with run office and keep a more powerful computer at home.
  13. Thanks so much for your comment. I guess now I'm torn... I don't know whether I want to believe the lenovo website that lists the s10 with x4500 graphics or this wiki that has it as GMA 950 http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...1-presentation/ I feel like x4500 would be a bit advanced for a netbook running an atom processor right? one kind of major question I had (and am scared to ask.. is if the wifi card is compatible...) its a 802.11 b / g Broadcom BCM 4312CMG (i guess i can try to figure that one out on my own though) But if this turns out to be a 350 dollar osx running netbook i'll be very pleased and leave my legit macbook at home.. edit: I guess according to this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=51725&st=0 the wifi card should work.
  14. I was about as creative as I could be with the title... Does anybody think that I'll be able to put osx86 on this guy? http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/control...11D24AEBC064493 I think it could be a super cheap macbook air substitute... but I don't know how compatible it would be? thoughts?