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  1. Hello everyone. Please see the attached pictures. My wireless card is detected in system profile under PCI-devices, but doesn't work. Airport isn't available in the network settings en verbose boot gives errors. Does anyone know the meaning of these errors? Many thanks!
  2. Hello Everyone, I am only one step away from having a 100% fully working OSX Lion installation Since i use a dsdt file my system profile finally shows al my pci devices perfectly. Also my wireless card. I've placed the Broadcomm 4312 what should work right out the box. To bad it doesn't'. System profile tells the driver isn't installed no matter what i try by installing kexts. So i would like to ask you. Does anyone know a way to make this card work? I don't mind to replace the card with another one if that is what i should do? What card would you recommend. I really like to know. My notebook is the Acer Aspire 6930G-594G64MN. I've you have any questions about my installation. Please tell! Like to hear from you all! The Windows Tweaker System Profile.tiff
  3. Powermanagement,..what's the best option?

    Hello everyone, During the last day i am trying to improve my batterylife and also improving the performance of my hacktintosh. Normaly i use the nullcpupowermanagement.kext, disabler.kext and voodoobattery.kext. This method works fine but after reading some topics a understand it can be better. For example taking use of the P and C stage. I have installed the voodomonitor and voodoopstage kexts and i noticed that my battery last a little bit longer. Only there is no increase of performance so thats why i wrote this topic. In snow leopard there was the option to select a high performance or better battery life in the energy prefpane. Did apple remove that in Lion? And what would you people recommend? I hope you all have some anwsers :-) The Windows Tweaker
  4. I'm trying to install OSX Lion on my friends notebook. He also got the i5 processor. Do you need to use a patched kernel to get it work? Where can i find that patched kernel?
  5. Remove Geforce.kext?

    And if you use the nVidia Geforce 9600m GS?
  6. Acer 6930G-594G64mn DSDT file

    Hello Forum Members, First off all,,...HAPPY NEWYEAR! I have a question for you all. I'm having a wonderful osx lion installation running on my acer notebook. Everything works fine, except the WIFI en Hibernate. My computer runs stable, but i was wondering. Having a working dsdt, what will that do for me? Does it make my computer run faster? Maby more stable? I have read many topics according to dsdt patching. Many people use it to make hardware work for osx, but it's to technical for me. I've tried it a few time but always ended up in an unbootable system. Maby someone could help me make an dsdt.aml for my notebook? I like to no what the benefits are! These are my specs: Acer Aspire 6930G-594G64MN Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion (Dutch) Intel Core 2 Duo T5900 2,19 Ghz 4GB 666Mhz DDR2 sdram Intel Mobile PM45 nVidia GeForce 9600M GS 512MB Atheros Ethernet / BCM4312 WIFI Im curious :-) The Windows Tweaker
  7. Restoring time machine backup

    When booted from the iATKOS DVD you will find an option called system recovery. It only works if you have use time machine. Just follow the instructions. To easily boot into the recoverd system i recommend installing an chameleon bootloader on a usb stick with the extension map in it.
  8. Looking for fix for Mac App Store, iCloud and Facetime

    any other suggestions?
  9. How I can get working wireless and Video?

    Have you tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=yes?
  10. Looking for fix for Mac App Store, iCloud and Facetime

    Thanks. I can login into iCloud.com. I've already used it as an beta tester. On the second hard disk in my notebook i've Windows 7 installed. From there i can use the iCloud program without problems.
  11. Looking for fix for Mac App Store, iCloud and Facetime

    Yes it generated a valid serial but does not make iCloud work. I even tried a serial from a real macbook but also did not work. A bit strange....
  12. Looking for fix for Mac App Store, iCloud and Facetime

    Have tried it out, but it doesn't work. Could you help me with it? In the attachment you can find my latest smbios.plist. Please tell if you need extra information SMBios.plist.zip
  13. Looking for fix for Mac App Store, iCloud and Facetime

    Never thought about that. I'll give it a try. Thanks for info.
  14. Restoring time machine backup

    You can boot into you recovered system using iATKOS L1 DVD. Instal the boot loader of your choice when you are fully booted. You just need a boot loader on an USB device of CD/DVD. Select during the boot for you recovered system. Good luck! Keep me posted!