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    I'm fairly new to mac osx - My wife has a powerbook but I've never done much playing around with it. Recently I've become interested in supporting Mac OSX for the small apps I currently write for XP. I obtained a disc, installed OSX on my second HD and everything is up and running great (I'm actually in OSX right now as I write this.) The only problem I'm having is that I can't get OpenGL to work. The disc I have came with no instructions on how to install, I just popped it in, and started installing it. Note, I do get this message when booting from the DVD (perhaps it will help those of you who wish to help me?): Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 1535MB memory VESA v2.0 16MB (ATI R350) So obviously the installer is wrong... but It's installed now and in the OSX drive, other than Applications, Library, System and Users, the following are there: JaS 1111a Generic Patch.V4.2b.rtf JaS.1111a.Patches maxxuss_sse /Patches In the Patches directory I found a bunch of files, one of which peaked my interest: Maxxuss_SSE2_ATI-VideoDrivers_8F1111_8F1111A.iso When I mount that iso I get install.sh /orig /sse2 so I ran sudo ./install.sh to see what would happen... I did some stuff and told me to reboot - I did that and I'm still getting no OpenGL so what do I do from here... Am I just neglecting to enable it somehow? Where should I be looking. Any help would be awesome, thanks!