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  1. fallenconcept

    Bootcamp Beta

    I really can't wait to get a new mac to use this. I am going to wait till the core 2 duos come out and the release of lepord before upgrading my powerbook or imac.
  2. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    the look on his face is priceless
  3. fallenconcept

    bill gates gets owned ctrl alt dlt

    see you need it less on an apple cause programs run better well they would if the developers kept up on programs for OS X look at AIM it was last released in like 2000.
  4. fallenconcept

    iMac G5 Memory

    Has anyone found any cheap imac G5 memory im only running on a 256 and apple charges way to much for memory.
  5. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    haha we dont wana go there but i posted this link in the laughs forum but i think it fits well here too. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3...=true&auto=true
  6. fallenconcept

    bill gates gets owned ctrl alt dlt

  7. fallenconcept

    Steve Ballmer is a weirdo

    I was going to type what i think of him but these to links say it all. http://www.macuser.com/rivals/ballmer_hous...s_ipod_goog.php http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...Ballmer&pl=true cocky isnt he? He says give it up for me. someone needs to smack him.
  8. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    yea someone will be talking to me suddlenly ill just turn all blue and have some error code written across my forehead and then i fall over. Then other times i just freeze up and they pound my control alt delete till they cant stand it no more.
  9. fallenconcept

    Will Vista run XP applications?

    A computer is considered a piece of hardware my friend. Apple designs and chooses what goes into this peice of hardware. Over the years they have started to use more and more outside products but none the less the only company that has control over what goes into the computer is apple. I dont want to argue with you over this because it is stupid, but if you ask most people they consider apple a hardware company because they develop hardware aka the computer and about the ipod you think apple makes all the parts for that. No its the same as a Computer apple just designs it and gets the parts they need.
  10. fallenconcept

    Will Vista run XP applications?

    Apple is a hardware company because the products they develop are for there hardware which apple designs completely. To call the company an assembler wouldn't be right because they put alot of work into the design of there products and don't just go with the standard PC tower on most designs. As for Microsoft they develop software for a broad base of companies and have no control over the design of those companies products. This is why apple is considered a hardware company and microsoft is a software company.
  11. fallenconcept

    Will Vista run XP applications?

    its not being released to the public till then but if you read what microsoft employees are saying vista has more issues than XP had. The way i look it at is Microsoft is a Software company they should be able to produce an OS faster than Apple a hardware company. There is something going bad inside microsoft. Maybe management there only cares about making money instead of delivering the best OS they can to the consumer.
  12. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    Yes i let the magic smoke out and accidently inhailed it when i was unplugging it. I wonder if it will make me run like windows ekkkk. haha. But as for old laptops i got you beat i got an ASC Laptop running Windows 3.1 and I had a computer running dos with only a floppy drive and i dont mean the small plastic ones.
  13. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    its to old to even trouble myself with it. It had a Pentium 3 processer in it and was designed for windows 98.
  14. fallenconcept

    fried computer for real

    Okay so i had an old dell laying around in the basement laying open and its been through hell i decided to put it back together. I put it back together and hooked it up. I go back downstairs and come back up and there is smoke coming out the fan with nothing on. Well long story short i think the fan was gone along with some other issues like a short in the wires for the powersupply and heatsink fan. Now the wires are melted and it is sitting outside in the cold cause it smells haha.
  15. fallenconcept


    thanks for the help i was reading into it more and it looks like there working on the issue now. hopefully it will be something in the near future that will work. I would like to be able to run those small programs like aim.