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  1. eightball

    Leopard info

    That image is in Tiger, too.
  2. eightball

    Maxxuss Site Offline

    All the pages have been deleted. Anyone know what happened to it?
  3. eightball

    Win2OSX.net down

    Win2OSX.net is down. anyone know why?
  4. eightball

    Protools on Mac OSX86

    Logic Express probably will work. Another user on another OSX86 forum (the 'concrete' one) reported that he got it working on his P4, and that it ran surprisingly well. Logic Pro probably won't, since it has a driver for the USB key.
  5. eightball

    Protools on Mac OSX86

    I would bet ProTools won't work, since the mbox uses a driver, and Rosetta doesn't support PPC drivers.