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  1. Hi JamesLittler, Just saw your post and have a question about it. "5. Research your hardware and install necessary kexts to /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions (only use /E/E if you are using <10.7, for 10.7 and later all kexts must be placed in /S/L/E)" Why 10.7 and later must be in /S/L/E ?? Why I ask this, because I have a box which installed some kexts on /E/E, and it seem no problem at all. Could you share your experiences ? Thanks, Dino
  2. Notes for ML installation

    Hi Aufa, I'm currently following your installation note on ML (Excellent Works and Appreciated ^^], as our mainboard are the same, which is "Asus P5Q Deluxe", thus, can you send me the modded bios rev2301 or pointing out which web site I can d/l from ? Many Thanks, Dino sure ,in the package are 2 bios files both works just fine but i cant remember which one i currently use ,try them both and see whats works best for u http://cl.ly/430s092I2o17 ( I've attached the bios.zip in this post ) Hi Aufa, Thank you very much your help. Will patch my BIOS later. Am tried your 2nd method to prepare the USB, it can boot, however, it stopped at the rotating / sign during post screen. Is there any trick on that ? Many Thanks, Dino it could be because of couple of things as i've noticed 1st-its because of the IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector kext ,so delete it for now and install it later. 2nd-it could be because of ur vga card kext ,u can delete the graphicsenabler string from the boot.plist and if it didn't work ,delete the vga kext from E/E from ur usb and try again (don't forget to rebuild the cash on every time u modify the extras folder). bios.zip
  3. iTunes 8

    Does the itune 8 & qt update crash also apply to Intel Kalyway 10.5.4 installation ?
  4. Hi Kabyl, I recently purchased a ASUS W7SG Laptop. And would like to turn it for hackintosh. But I do not found any bios mod for this laptop. From your website I found a Bios(W7E W7ESAS.303) which look like my one but I don't sure either it is suitable or not. If it is not suitable, could you mind to help me mod this bios too ? http://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/W7E/W7ES306AS.zip Thanks, Dino