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  1. Gabo_c

    10.6.8 officially released

    for what audio card?
  2. Gabo_c

    10.6.8 officially released

    well this are mines kexts for 10.6.8 on my ga-ep45-ds3r with original applehda and legacy kext on extra folder is a alc 885 or 889 try if you want. Audio_885.zip
  3. Gabo_c

    10.6.8 officially released

    Had to replace applehda kext 10.6.7 to get audio on mine alc 885
  4. Thanks worked like a charm!
  5. Yes But it doesn't remove the menubar shortcut
  6. Gabo_c

    Atheros AR9285

    yes tp-link wn781nd is based on ar9285 http://www.tp-link.com/products/productDet...el=TL%2DWN781ND is souposed to work from 10.6.5 tested in on my case it's ok but if you can buy a real apple card with a minipcie to pcie1x adaptor....it's more native...and painless
  7. Gabo_c

    Chrome passes Safari

    And Google Chrome can be installed on linux too
  8. Gabo_c

    iTunes 10.1 via Software Update

    awful awful awful awful awful awful awful awful ICON!!!!!!
  9. Gabo_c

    Any USB Apple keyboard / mouse...

    Hi Andy i've tried yours kexts, and everything it's ok for mouse, keyboard is not needed for me cause i've an apple one, but....mine webcam(micro$$oft life cam nx-6000 with integrated microphone) lost the microphone feature....i know in my case it's only cosmetic cause it works native on ichat ,photo booth, amsn yahoo and even Skype, only audio seems to be like e long play playing in a slow speed... but i like the idea been reported as a isight with the microphone working....and may be with some lucky solve that audio artifact...is this normal...? or it's only supposed to use it with those cams without microfone?, thanks! sorry my english....spanish is my native language
  10. try this http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-install-...-working-guide/ Google is our best friend
  11. Gabo_c

    Sleep with keyboard don't go

    Same happens to me...
  12. sorry for my silly question....how can i compile it? i'm a newbie and i want to try since i want to get ride of cpuinjector kext to get my cpu recognized....is there any tutorial or some one good pal can tell me how to do it? my cpu it's a core 2 duo e7600 same on imac 10,1 bot no one loader recognize it...it's always unknown on about this mac and no info on system profiler....but with my old cpu e4700 was detected proper....can some one give me a hand? Thanks a lot!