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  1. AppleAHCIPort.kext (for RAID)

    Is this not compatible with mavericks? I tried it on Mavericks and its giving me kernel panic related to AppleAHCIPort.kext.
  2. Lenovo z580: i5-3210m kexts

    My laptop is a HP Pavilion G6 2207sia but also uses the Intel Core i5 3210 CPU. Hopefully this can work for me too.
  3. Intel HD Graphics Patcher

    Does this work for the Intel HD 4000 Mobile? Been strugglinh to get mine to work but just cant
  4. Hi gbrownie, First, thanks in advance for this really great tutorial. I have been seriously having real issues with installing ML on my HP Pavilion G6-2207sia. I have been able to install using the cpus=1 -v GraphicsEnabler=No boot flags but after the installation, I wasnt able to boot into ML until I removed the IntelAppleHDxxxx kexts by booting into WIndows 8 and using MacDrive to access the ML HFS+ partition. Afterwards, I was only able to boot ML with cpus=1 -v but then the scren resolution was a messed up 1024 x 768 pixels and things werent any sharp at all. I am going to follow your tut and reinstall again. The full specs of my laptop is as follows: Intel Core i5 3210 (2.5GHz - 3.1GHz) 4GB DDR3 1600 500GB HDD Intel HD 4000 Integrated Graphics ATI Radeon HD 7670 w/1GB VRAM Intel HM76 Chipset Dual USB 3.0 ports (on the left side) and single USB 2.0 on the right side HP WebCam IDT 92HD87B2/4 Audio Controller Intel Panther Point HDMI Audio Controller I hope your tutorial can enable me install ML and get these hardwares to function as they should.
  5. Dlink DWL-G520 strange in Leopard

    Oh yes this sure saved my a** and i can now activate Maya 2008 and 2009 on OSX86. Funny thing is I am never able to run maya with my Intel 5100 WiFi Link and Bluetooth turned on. I always have to turn them off before launching Maya or it asks for another activation. The secondary Airport Card I have in there doesnt affect this. Not a serious issue though ... I can work with that. Thanks for the Link gutaker. U are a life saver man.
  6. Hibernation?

    Ok that understood but how do I get the sleep to work? I am quad booting iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows XP Professional x64 and Mandriva Linux 2009. On every other OS, Sleep and hibernation works fine but not on OS X. I believe this is not a hardware issue as the others a fine. What can I do to get this working? I need it sooo badly. Someone Please heeeeelllppp meeee!!
  7. Is this magic? hehe .... I now have Wifi on my HP Pavilion DV5-1153ei. I was having issues with the internal WiFi that shipped with my HP Pavilion DV5-1153ei (Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN) which just doesnt have an OS X driver available. I got and fixed in Atheros AR5007EG/AR5007EG in the secondary PCI-E slot meant for WiFi (I didnt really remove the Intel WiFi. Just added the second adapter to a second wifi slot. It is located directly under the touchpad), but it me issues too. I was able to get it working but it was giving me kernel panic in some cases and might not even allow me to boot at times. Plus Kismac wont detect WiFi networks at some boots. I just fixed in Broadcom BCM4311 WiFi Adapter and guess what? It was detected as soon as I booted. The Airport icon immediately showed up and on opening the preferences/network pane, I saw an airport adapter link in there. I am using iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 and I didnt have to do anything special to get it to work. I will suggest anyone having issues with this Wifi adapter should use iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6. Now I have only one thing to have a fully working MAC Pro ... and thats to get SAVE SLEEP enabled and working well. Hehe ...
  8. Common guys, I need your help in here. Any info at all that could be of help to me. U dont ignore the plea of a MAC bro ..... Thanks for your anticipated helps. ~Michael.
  9. I recently bought a HP DV5-1153ei with the following configuration Processor - Intel C2D T5800 (Upgraded to T7300) RAM - 2GB DDR2 800 Hard disk - Hitachi Travelstar FK320 (250GB SATA II upgraded to 320GB SATA II of the same hard Disk model) GFX - nVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT (512MB DDR2) Northbridge - Intel PM45 Southbridge - Intel ICH9M Sound - IDT 92HD71B7 @ Intel 82801IB ICH9 - High Definition Audio Controller Ethernet - Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) WiFi - Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5100 That's it. Before I say anything, please know that I am a complete NoOb in OSX and dont know 1/10th of what I know in Windows. That said, I ve tried to install using kalyway 10.5.2 but noT successful. I ve disabled virtualization in the BIOS to see if this is gonna help (I dont think so tho, was just trying as this was enabled and kalyway still worked on my old Gateway M-6843), but nothing happened. I am able to install it without any issues but on reboot, after installation, to boot from hard disk it freezes in displaying the Apple Logo with the round stuff just spinning there. I read in a post in here that Hitachi hard Disks has an issue with OSX (is Hitachi Owing Apple?? someone please answer me) and that it is trouble trying to get it to work. and i also read somewhere where someone said he had to disable USB LEGACY SUPPORT in the BIOS to get it to work on a desktop with Hitachi HDD. I ve checkec in my BIOS and nothing like that in there. HP definitely don't want us end users to mess around with the BIOS config. Anybody in here ever got my laptop model working well in here? or have tried it? Please need your information on how you got it working or to what extent u were able to reach. Any info will be highly appreciated. HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  10. Official Gateway M-Series Support thread!

    Problem is I cant get the Apple airport card around where I am. Can I swap an atheros based wifi card...not airport this time, with the internet Intel 3945ABG WiFi card? will it work? I know I ve tried something like that previously but it didnt work though I cant remember the particular card I tried. I really wanna have my Wifi working on Mac. BTW,
  11. Well, I have installed your kext on my Gateway M-6843 and still, no sound yet. I am gonna try a reinstallation of the MAC OSX86 with Kalyway 10.5.2. Maybe that will fix it. cos I am on 10.5.3 at the moment.
  12. I just hopes that this one works with my Sigmatel STAC9205x. I ve been trying lots of kexts and codec dumps and they aint working. Problem is the AppleHDA Patcher aint even doing the patching. It starts and a point it simply stops and just stays there. Should i just install the APPLEHDA.kext with Kext helper? Do I need to do anything further?
  13. Official Gateway M-Series Support thread!

    How did you get your Intel 3945ABG Wireless adapter to work?
  14. Official Gateway M-Series Support thread!

    Thanks man. I am gonna go try out this new one. Hopefully, it will solve my keyboard and sound issues. I have exact;y the same model of laptop as yours and since your worked fine, mine should work too. I ve downloaded the required kexts and upgrade from Apple. and I am about to check everything. Will get back with my results. By the way my systtem specs is: Gateway M-6843 Laptop Graphics: GMA X3100 (working with QE/CI/QGL) RAM: 4.0GB DDR 2 667 Processor: Core 2 Duo T5750 @ 2.00GHz Hard Disk: 250GB Western Digital SATA Keyboard: Not working yet Wifi: Intel 3945ABG Wifi (Not working yet) Sound: Integrated Sigmatel..(not working ATM. No sound input or output yet) Shut Down: Working out of box Restart: Working out of box Sleep: Not working
  15. Hibernation?

    Does OS X support Hibernation? I have been wondering about this cos my laptop doesnt go to sleep and when it manages to, it never comes back on and I have to Hard restart it. I need info please... Thanks for your anticipated help.