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  1. Thank You very much Digital Dreamer !!!! With your guide and some others I've got now OSX 10.5.7 working on my Dell Studio XPS435MT. Thank you very much from germany Motherboard: DX58M01 (x58 Chipset with ICH10) CPU: i7920 (all cores and with HT) Ram: 6GB DDR3 1333Mhz (all recognized) Graphics: ATI 4870x2 (1core is working) Sound: Onboard Sound works! HDD: 2x Western Digital 500GB in Software Raid 0 It's amazing how fast a computer can be. But I have one problem. In my "System Profiler" at S-ATA I dont't see ICH10. There is just Serial-ATA-Bus x 2. !?! Does anybody know which kext I need for ICH10 ?. And is it possible to use the hardware raid system from the motherboard? I think, if the hardware raid works, windows vista or some os could boot on a second raid partition ?!? Thanks!!
  2. Hi my system is a dell xps 435mt with the following components: i7 920 x58 chipset ich10 with a possible raid 0 config (2 x 500 GB WDC) 6 GB RAM asus 4870 x2 tri-fan .. . . Now my little question: Is it possible to install leopard on this system ? my wish is to install it on a striped raid configuration in dual boot with vista. i have the iatkos 5i. The Installation of iAtkos 5i without raid works. I can boot, too, but it takes a long time. I read much topics on much forums, but i dont know how i have to handle the kexts and the dsdt patching. with the voodoo 9.6.0 and 9.7.0 kernel i get kernel panics. I hope anyone can help me and maybe step by step. I have a few experiences in osx86 and a working dell m1330 with vista and leopard. Please help me with my system. I need help! Sorry if my englisch looks bad, im german. Thanks.