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  1. Nvidia GTX 295 Black Screen

    Some words of wisdom, use the EFI string as mentioned on the first page. it will work. it will even work if you have 2 GTX295's like me . i doubled the info in one plist and gave it the good adressing. Works exept that the first display device is still in about this mac as 'display'. but i still have QE/CI. I am now trying to port the Plist option into my DSDT. See if it will work, then see if that will show me all devices. Oh and you don't need the Evil kexts.
  2. Intel DH55HC buggy DSDT

    boot.plist is correct. but didn't you think it was odd that there was no cpu info in the DSDT? not like the dsdt on my laptop, intel t7100 core2duo. said much more... should i insert some of the ssdt code into my dsdt?
  3. Intel DH55HC buggy DSDT

    Mal0n, It still says no p and c states generated at boot and it says acpi didn't find cpus during boot aswell
  4. Intel DH55HC buggy DSDT

    Thanks man, could you tell me what changes/fixes you made in this dsdt? native speedstep? native sata? i have an asus f3sv laptop with some dsdt issues too. this one is mine, could i ask you to edit that one for me aswell? it has a couple of issues i cant seem to fix
  5. Intel DH55HC buggy DSDT

    here you go, hope you can fix it today.. i'll be online for probably 5 hours i want to finish this pc for a friend oops send_me.zip
  6. Intel DH55HC buggy DSDT

    Mald0n, i have a hackintosh with the same problem. it only uses a intel i7 870 8 gigs of kingston memory and an asus engt240 1024. can i use te same dsdt? or could you edit the existing dsdt ive made. weird part is that it boots most of the time. but the p and c states arn't generated though. second question is what have you modified in the dsdt you gave? im scrolling through mine and that one to find diferences right now
  7. Modified BIOS to get all cores working

    Yo peoples, Could someone hook me up with that Asus F3SV AS bios again, the link leads to an unexisting file. peace
  8. SAS Controllers w/ EFI for Mac OS X / OSx86 Solutions

    Hello guys, i have the same card, Dell Perc 5/i flashed it over with LSI firmware and got it working with the LSI driver in Windows. i get it to show zero sas channels, PCI utils sees the hardware for what it is so thats a plus. knowing that it's a great card and that it has many brothers and sister, work should be made to getting this working. ive been fondling about with the megaraid.kext, the LSIFusionMPT.kext and the AppleRAID.kext. but my skills are to low to get any further. how can we start this up? i actually bought this card thinking that almost all LSI cards are supported. and Apple are using cards now that are bassicly the same idea. hardware RAID with intel chip, SAS capable and memory expandable. so if you guys can point me in the good direction, i mean some die hard, hardcore Hackintosher must know what to do. peace out Cney
  9. LSI Logic MegaRAID SCSI 320-2E

    Hey Vlad, I know what you mean. i've been working on a solution for my Dell PERC 5/i expandable raid card (LSI megaraid 8408E is OEM) ive flashed it with the latest LSI firmware and on windows it runs like a charm on those LSI drivers. i've tried the same things as you have, only the Appleraid.kext gives me a result. the good thing is that i can see it now LSPCI. so mac "sees" the card. i'm gonna try to combine Applefusion , Megaraid, Appleraidcard and LSIUltra320.kext see if i can get things started up a little bit. if that doesn't work than my next step is building a driver from scratch using Xcode. could you post me your progress. there has to be an option to fix this and help others, maybe we exchange some findings on this subject. LSI cards on windows use more or less the same driver. good luck. Cney