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  1. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Hi, not yet, dsdt trick should allow us to boot but we may loose ethernet and more important intel driver support. Willsl
  2. Hi, so the promised files : GMA X3100 drivers : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dttgiz2jzqv wired ethernet : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jgggnmnwb0c Zorviny, read carefully the tutorial at the start of this topic. It look like you skip the custom dsdt step. You need to add a dsdt aml file in your Extra directory (again check the tutorial from Mig21). Regards.
  3. Hi, i was away for some time. I should be able to post the X3100 kext and the network kext this week-end. Stay tuned... Willsl
  4. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Hi, i was away for some time. I should be able to post the X3100 kext and the network kext this week-end. Stay tuned... Willsl
  5. Hi all ! some news : I have tested 1.5.7 ! It install new Intel GMAX3100 driver. Funny still no DVI but VGA appear as a second monitor natively. It must be just a matter of configuration to have a working hybrid with stock gfx driver ! Must work on it. It erase also IONetworkFamily kext so for those who use like me the realtek driver you have to install it again. one more news : I installed the VoodooHDA driver 0.2.2 updated. Seems to work just fine ! I have to test it further. New things to work on ! Update : - I've tested several things with the new X3100 driver and no luck : nothing is working. - the new VoodooHDA is working just fine ! - I've install the VoodooPower kext from superhei and you gain 0.1Ghz. The CPU is correctly recognized ! (With stock install it is only 2.0, with VoodooPower 2.1 GHz but it can depend on you own configuration).
  6. Hi mig21, i was thinking of something else. When I boot the new Chameleon, I have access to all os installation (either on internal or external hard drive). If you copy the installation from the external drive to the internal drive did you see both in Chameleon ? What is the problem exactly ? one last thing : do you make a copy with erase or not. I think that if you make a copy with no erase there might be permissions problems so you have to repair them before doing anything else. Hope this help.
  7. Hi mig21, Keyboard mapping was a bit weird with me but it is peharps specific to the french layout which is slightly different between a Mac and a PC. That is why I had to install another layout. Concerning the copy on the internal drive, did you install Chameleon on your internal drive after the copy ? I think it is mandatory. Ethernet card : I am pretty sure that the kext I recommend in the other thread is mandatory to have a network fully working (including Bonjour). It works for me ! For all those who have the "15728 buffers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers error", just follow the tutorial. The dsdt.aml must be generated on the target pc and then placed in the correct directory. It is right that in order to run OsX the first time even prior to be able to do the tutorial you had to add -cpus=1 in the booting options of most distributions. That's all folks !
  8. Hi great job mig21 ! just a few remarks : Step I : you only have to make an iso image if you do not have a dvd rom on the target pc. Otherwise, the system can be installed directly from the dvd. Step V : dsdt.aml with the latest Chameleon can be placed in the Extra folder. Ok it is not very usefull but your root folder is clean. Step V : it is possible to add another step to this one with compiling all kext of the Extra/Extensions folder into a Extensions.mkext. Not very usefull either but it should speed up the booting process a bit. Step VI : Do not know why but I can not install the Chameleon 2.0 rc1 on an usb drive. In fact I have installed it on the main drive and as it shows up my vista and osx installation and all osx installed on usb drive connected to the hybrid, it is just good like that. Step IX : in the Sonotone package another thing is usefull, it is the keyboard pc mapping. I think it is worth mentionning it. Step XI : I think it is better to only copy the installation of Os X to the main drive using Disk Utility that opening the hybrid box. For myself, I only made a copy not swapping disk. and for the ethernet card, i verify again a without the special package i posted on the other thread "Bonjour" is not working (only usefull if you have several mac). and for the soundcard I think the latest VoodooHDA 0.2.2 is worth mentionning. Even if it has some quircks sound is audible. Good tutorial !
  9. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Hi, first VoodooHDA, last version is : http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php?...139.0;attach=92 you must put it /System/Library/Extensions (use Kext Helper) then, for my stock installation i use a 10.5.5 retail dvd image (so on a hard drive) and then i use the 10.5.6 Combo Update. I do not use boot123 but Chameleon as a boot loader. I will try to post a updated tutorial using a usb hard drive this week-end.
  10. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Yes ! your AppleAzalia.pkg works (however only output) but VoodooHDA.kext works better : everythings is here (in fact a bit too much but for a beta it is already great). VoodooHDA.kext must be placed in /System/Library/Extensions (use Kext Helper). so we are almost there ! Update : oups almost in fact. wether i use AppleAzalia or VoodooHDA i have sound glitches which sound not good so there are still work to do.
  11. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Salut, Tanguy, ça faisait bien breton quand même surtout pour un brestois comme moi. But let's continue in english, we must not lost our other hybrid friends ! For audio : I have tried many Azalia package but it never worked for me, i hope to have more luck with yours. I will try it tonight. For information the great great great Voodoo Team has released a beta of a HDA driver (VoodooHDA.kext) which must work for our chipset but i had no luck trying it but but but I think I peharps have a problem in my installation so if anyone (mig21?) can give it try a report on this forum. For ethernet : i post it tonight (if the size is not to big). Can you send me a message with you email Tanguy ? Update : here is the file IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip For dual core : it works with DSDT PatchGui. Thanks to the new Chameleon the only kexts I have to modify in my System\Library\Extension are for the GMAX3100. In my Extra folder I keep a modified dsdt.aml and some kext : basic ones + Ethernet. There is still one minor problem : proc speed is said to be 2 GHz on my hybrid and it should be 2.1 GHz (beware it can depend on your hybrid model) For your N.B. : I do not really understand your question. What do you want to do exactly and why do you need an usb key ? The error 1085 buffer headers is when you do not use the dsdt patching.
  12. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Hi Tanguy (tient un breton ?) Ethernet works be sure to follow the tutorial I post earlier. You can not use the kext as it, you must put it in the plugins folder of the IONetworkFamily.kext (be carefull and make a copy). could you post a link of the apple azalia pkg you are using ? I am thrilled to try it.
  13. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    Hi, if you want to test HDA hacking the hard way i provide those files : ACL888_dumps.zip the archive contains : - linux dump of the codec - Vista registry extract of the pin config - AppleHDA patcher output dump those files are for the dell studio hybrid only
  14. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    the chipset is Realtek ACL888 : http://www.realtek.com.tw/products/product...&ProdID=135 I've tried lots of prepackaged AppleHDA.kext extension that can be found here (not all surely). I have the device and inputs outputs visible in the preference pane but no sound sadly. I've tried this tutorial with no luck : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=127227 last hope I think is this one : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...127819&st=0 it is very complete, i began to try it but i've not finished it yet. I will try to post soon the linux codec dump and the pinconfig extract from the vista install that most of these tutorials talk about. Hope it will push people to play with it and peharps somebody will have some luck and get it working ! If nothing work a possible solution is this : http://www.terratec.net/en/products/Aureon...l_USB_9842.html but there is still hope ! Update : It seems that the Voodoo team is trying to port a HDA driver from NetBSD. The driver would be in private test know and has no date of release yet. Might be a solution for our problem. and just I just install Chameleon 2.0 RC... it rocks ! - DSDT.aml in Extra folder - custom Boot.plist in Extra folder also (no need to modify the original one) - beautifull gui
  15. MAC OS X on Dell Studio Hybrid

    yes I keep preciously. Zip archive is 3 Mo so I can not post it here. Have another way ?