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  1. They doesn't work on my MBP Retina (2012) with the Nvidia 650M chip...
  2. edgar87

    OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Thanks Guys! I got it working with the terminal command!
  3. edgar87

    OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Anyone got TRIM working with the latest beta?
  4. I uninstalled these drivers on my MacBook Retina. I had some kind of strange green artifacts on my webcam, when I replaced the old 10.8.2 Nvidia kexts back the problem was solved again!
  5. Can I install this driver on my Retina Macbook Pro with a Nvidia 650M?
  6. edgar87

    10.8 dp3 released update

    Thanks! It's working again! ?
  7. edgar87

    10.8 dp3 released update

    Can anyone upload the io80211familly kext from the previous update (12A193i) please? My Wi-Fi is also broken after the last update
  8. I can't Install this preview!? :S I did restore the Basesystem.dmg to my external hdd, and then did copy the Packages folder to System/installation/ And did copy the kernel to the HDD. It boots from my hdd, then i get a mouse pointer with the grey braided pattern screen.... And nothing happens after that :S I did install Lion and the DP 1 & 2 on this way, and i had never this problem. Is something changed in this DP in the install process maybe? How did you guys install this developer preview?
  9. edgar87

    Check for Hardware Video Acceleration capabilities

    Radeon HD5850 with an Core i7 875k:
  10. Normally there are 6-8 beta releases. This is only the 3rd! So I expect the final release in the end of january or february
  11. STRANGE! I've exactly the same motherboard, and here it works perfectly with the new UNPATCHED kext from the Lacie website! With a non Lacie external Samsung HDD.
  12. Lacie has updated the driver to 1.0.8, can someone bin patch the new version? http://www.lacie.com/us/more/index.htm?id=10112 EDIT: I think there is no need to bin patch the kext anymore! I've just installed the new official kext from the Lacie site, and it's working! (at full speed)
  13. edgar87

    Can't login to iCloud on 10.7.2 (11C57)

    Thnx bluedevil_zg! I can confirm that installing the latest Chimera boot loader has fixed it for me too!!
  14. edgar87

    Can't login to iCloud on 10.7.2 (11C57)

    Well my LAN works, and is set as first network-interface (en0) and I still can't login to iCloud on my Hackintosh I think it's Chameleon related or something!?