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  1. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    AppleHDA Patcher - 2006/2007 by Taruga v1.20 * Patching AppleHDA.kext to 0x10ec0883 Done * Checking AppleHDA for patch Done 0001f4a0 cmpl $0x10ec0883,%eax 00020584 cmpl $0x10ec0883,%eax * Checking for SPDIF Out Detected * Checking for SPDIF In Not Detected * Using the following nodes in pathmap Back Mic: 9 34 24 Line In : 8 35 26 Speaker : 20 12 2 Headphone: 27 38 37 Spdif Out: 30 6 * Copying new config to destination Done * Repairing Permissions Done * Deleting Extensions Cache Done ** Done patching - You can reboot now ** Working : Internal speakers, headphones Not working : mic Not tested : line in and line out System : iDeneb 10.5.5 dump.txt
  2. DV9205EU

    Hie, I tried to install OS X on a friend's lappie (HP dv9205eu). None of the followings dvd worked : Zephiroth 10.5.2 (don't know if rev1 or 2), Kalyway 10.5.2, iDeneb v1.3 (ppf patched). First ones simply don't boot with the error : "can't find com.apple.Boot.plist", and the later stopped at "still waiting for root device". According to windows ( :s ) it has a nForce 430/410 sata chipset, but dvd player is on the 1st IDE channel..... Dunno what to do ..... PS : i tried these dvd on my pc : the all work fine.
  3. Hey ! I bought a miniPCI card Engenius 8602+, which is based on the AR5413 (devid : 1b; venid : 186c). it is natively recognized as an airport card, but the OS freezes after. i tried to edit Info.plist and to write only my pci ids. could i have any help ?
  4. MCP51 GeForce6100Go

    any idea ? i'm quite sure it's possible to make it working ! please help me. thanks
  5. MCP51 GeForce6100Go

    Hie everybody, I've seen that only card with onboard memory are supported by nvinject, but my card has 128MB of onboard ram, plus (16/32/64/128/256)MB of shared RAM. Is there any way to use the 128MB real memory ? I'm currently using Macvidia, which allows me to work with a 1280*800 resolution, but i can't play any movies, itunes doesn't want to use some features, iMovie refuses to start, etc etc. Thanks PS : what i'm currently seeing in system profiler : GeForce Go 6100: Chipset Model: GeForce Go 6100 Type: Display Bus: PCI VRAM (Total): 128 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0247 Revision ID: 0x00a2 ROM Revision: NVinjectGo 0.0.9 Displays: Color LCD: Resolution: 1280 x 800 @ 60 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Software Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Not Supported But if i uninstall macvidia i cannot see any image on my screen, even if the computer works (i can get control via vnc w/o any problem). i tried with original nvcap, and NVCAP maker's one, made w/ my ROM. PS : i'm on an AMD system, is it a pbm ?
  6. NVidia GeForceGo 6100

    Finaly, it works (with the MacVidia 1.0.7b2 driver). but when i try to play a movie in vlc, the soft just quit.... is there any thing i could do to view videos on my hackinbook ?
  7. Kalyway restarts after install

    Solved : i tried again to install, but w/ the 2nd amd patch. all works fine.
  8. Kalyway restarts after install

    I hate double posting in my own topics to up them, but if i couldn't install Kalyway, i've got to install a Zephiroth, but it's not my favorite..... thanks
  9. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hie everybody, i just wanted to add a supported dev id for forcedeth kext : 0x01DE 0x0269 this is my lappie nforce mcp 51 integrated network card (10/100). i hope it will be soon added to the official plist !
  10. Kalyway restarts after install

    hello i cant see any way to enable or disable it in my bios settings? is there a way to get rid of EFI ? i installed an old 10.5.1 distro (can't find the name again), and my computer booted w/o any problem ! EDIT : i could see sthg like this before it reboots : EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH "sthg" SMBIOS table found at 0x000f94c0 "sthg" ACPI "4letters" revision 0 found at 0x000f8c00
  11. Hi ! I'm just having a little problem : after a complete installation of os x kalyway 10.5.2, i just can't start it ... :/ i tried about all available kernels on the setup dvd, but each time it boots, it restart after the load of extensions and efi. i hope sbdy will be able to help me ... thanks
  12. NVidia GeForceGo 6100

    well, i didn't managed to install leo4all 10.5.3. when i boot, in verbose mode, i could see debug info proving that there is no error. but the os x installation wizard never shows. if i press the enter key, the cd drive is working again, like if i had choosed my language. i think i might need help...
  13. NVidia GeForceGo 6100

    ya, i know that it slows the boot, but even after a long wait, it didn't boot. i understood the need of installing both, but it didn't work, so i tried different things, like installing nvinject (just trying, but i've a lappie). i'm gonna install osx 10.5.3 in a few hours, so i'll let you know if it worked. but maybe tomorrow (local time is 11:45 PM). thx
  14. NVidia GeForceGo 6100

    I installed these packages, but my computer just didn't restarted. it freeze during boot, or (realy strange) when i removed the nvinject (i also tested w/ the nvinjectgo : didn't work), it started, i hear the boot sound, but i still were in console mode ... (without possible prompt : just a verbose mode). I'm going to install 10.5.3 leo4all, and with a fresh new install i'll try to install these packages again. thanks for help, i'll tell you if it works. i also tried NvidiaEFI 1.2.3, and it started without any freeze, but still no QE/CI, and 1024*768... ps : please excuse my english : i'm justa french student EDIT : did you modify the plist of NVinjectGo, like the VRAM or the NDCAP ?