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  1. Thanks, Chun-Nan. I finally have battery detection working (touch wood it doesn't break)!
  2. I wanted to go to America. I've been there twice and I find it fun there, but with such laws... What if the border officer is in a bad mood and I'll just answer him/her in a rude manner (or he\she will find it so) because I would be in a bad mood too? 'Alright then, take your laptop out, hand it over to me and keep hoping it'll be returned to you within two weeks.' 'But sir, I'm staying in the US only for ten days' 'Well, I don't give a f***'. Yes, this was exaggerated a bit, but you get what I mean, don't you? And what if I do have a massive picture of Lenin\Hitler\Bin Laden as my desktop background? Also, I'm Russian. That kind of makes it even worse because some of you guys (not everyone, of course) still have something against us 'commies'. The border officer could just take it out on me. Anyway, I hope your human right defenders will make your government realize how unrightful this new law is. It might even reduce the amount of tourists going to the US. As for me, I will now rethink my plans about going there. P.S. Guys from the US, don't be so snobbish. 9\11 is 9\11 and no one says it's not a tragedy, but lots of countries have something like that to use as a cause of stupid laws. Everything was just my opinion. Hope I didn't offend anyone.
  3. Hi. I own this laptop for more than a year... It would be a good idea to make a collection of drivers for it in this topic. P.S. Still no way to make Mac OS see its network card?
  4. Acer Aspire 5920G

    Nevermind, latest Azalia worked. You can close this topic.
  5. Network Solution for Leopard

    Can someone please help me? I'm using (well, trying to use) Belkin F5D5050 and even though it is listed as officially supported, it doesn't seem to work, Mac OS says something like 'network cable is unplugged'. I've tried the drivers that came with it (didn't work) and that were linked in this topic (didn't work either). What could that be and what is the workaround?
  6. Acer Aspire 5920G

    Hi all. I'm writing this in frustration, because the sound output was one of those problems that I did not expect to find on my osx. Today I've installed JaS's 10.5.4 (for the 7th time and finally made almost everything work) and I found that unlike all other distros the sound doesn't work in this one. The hardware Ids for my card are: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0888&SUBSYS_10250121&REV_1001 I believe it is an alc888. I've tried Taruga and Azalia for that one, but neither of them give any help. If anyone here has managed to get sound working on that card, please supply me with necessary kexts\packages. Thank you.
  7. NVidia 8600m GT problem

    Well it looks like I've ruined my OS X completely (it doesn't boot) messing with all those graphics drivers... I'm reinstalling Kalyway's 10.5.2 at the moment and will try your method as soon as I update to 10.5.3. Thanks for your help
  8. 8600m GT 256mb + Kalyway 10.5.3 = тормоз

    У меня вообще ничего не сработало... Та же карта. Помогите, пожалуйста.
  9. NVidia 8600m GT problem

    Hi everyone. Yesterday I've installed Kalyway 10.5.2 onto my Acer Aspire 5920G laptop. It was fine, but then I updated it to 10.5.3 and started experiencing problems with my graphics card regarding visual effects and videos. For example, the dockdoes not appear exactly smooth from hiding. When I go into Dashboard, widgets don't appear and disappear smoothly either and when I add new widgets there is none of that nice wavy effect upon widget's appearance. Also, when I minimize/maximize (especially maximize) windows, the effects aren't nice and smooth either. Screensavers are glitchy as well. That was all ok before I updated to 10.5.3. But what's most annoying is that whenever I insert a DVD it doesn't play it but show a popup with something like 'output device could not be found'. However, the resoultion is fine. Is there a way to get everything nice again? Thanks in advance.