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  1. I know, I know, but we have about 25 iMac G3s that the school want to make use of in some limited form, even if it is only using Office apps and Internet. They currently run OS9.2 and we don't want to spend money on OS X (which they will run, I tried it). I don't want to make too many changes ot our existing Windows domain but I will make some if needs be. What I had at my last office was 21 iMac G5s running Leopard and the students sometimes needed access to a windows share using their own accoutn so I wrote a script similar to this and put it in their Dock. tell application "Finder" try mount volume "smb://yournetwork login:yourpassword@server/share" on error display dialog "Share may not have mounted!" end try end tell When the users ran the script they got a login window where they entered their own account details and the share got mounted on their desktop. Ideally I would like something similar which will give them ad hoc access to their home are on the windows file server. If I need to write it a script on another system I have access at home to 10.4 and 10.5 if I need it. I have looked into using software like Dave and ADmitMac but neither worked that well, in fact dave didn't work at all. Any ideas?
  2. I have been put in charge of our new Suite of 21 iMacs and an X Server. It has been integrated with our existing Active Directory Domain and all the iMacs are bound etc. What I am doing is configuring the Dock using WGM and it works as I like though I will tweak things as I go on. At the moment we are using a limited finder and I am placing allowed apps in the Dock. I have a couple of questions for now and would like advice on the best way forward. 1- The Dock is set up for the iMacs but when users log on to an iBook G4 without those apps they see question marks. What is the best way to manage this? The iBooks are not powerful enough to run the same software, plus some of the software is Intel only and wouldn't run anyway. Should I not add them to the Dock but give them the apps some other way? 2- I tried to allow apps on the Computer Group rather than the User Group, but nothing I added to the Dock showed up because I assume the User settings overrode them. Can I easily manage 2 different builds in WGM in this way?
  3. Epson Printer won't Install

    Gutenprint sorted it thank you. I didn't need samba-fix.
  4. I have an Epson DX4000 connected to a Windows XP PC and I want to print to it over the network from my X86 laptop. I have used the original CD to install the Mac driver on X86, and if I connect the printer via USB it installs automatically and will print properly. If I connect it back to the XP box and try to add it to X86 as a Windows Shared Printer I cannot find the DX4000 in the drop down list of Epson drivers, and so it won't install properly. How do I get the installed driver to appear in that list please?