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  1. hi, is this driver working also with nvidia mobile ? I have a nvidia mobile gtx460m 1.5 gb on my laptop. I have bad artefacts using high Sierra, and system is unusable. thanks
  2. manmal

    Guide ASUS N53SM_Clover

    hello jackal! Thanks for your precious help! i tried to install everything from scratch from one of the latest versions of el capitan, and it doesn't work anymore. May you please provide both your config.plist configuration for (latest) el capitan and files provided in the EFI folder? Thanks!!! mal EDIT : fighting with clover it seems to work again but it's very unstable, compared to chameleon and old good osx versions... PS: Is there anyone that is using clover and snow leopard ? may you please send me some directions to have snow leopard working with clover? Thanks a lot!! i know it's a bit off topic ... sorry for that
  3. manmal

    Guide ASUS N53SM_Clover

    Hello guys, happy new year! Thanks for the guide! i have good old n53sn notebook. I am trying installing el capitan on my n53sm following this guide, but i have some problems here: 1) Audio still doesn't work using AppleHDA (N53SN-fullhd display). 2) keyboard and trackpad doesn't work 3) I am still having problem installing clover on the same hd (main internal hd0) and i have to boot using an external usb stick... perhaps it's related to clover itself not to n53. thanks!
  4. manmal

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    hi, is there an updated version of GFX string creator with newer models with multiple hdmi/display ports too to put into clover configuration? I would like to have an EFI-string configuration for using DVI-VGA-HDMI connectors (in dual-displays mode combining 2 of them, but with all connectors working) thanks!
  5. Hello, thanks for the guide and thanks to VirusX and everyone who contributed to this great thread. I am rather new to clover, it is not the easiest way to go coming from good old chameleon, but i am experimenting it in my great and glorious desktop with ga-ex58-ud5 . I am using it with an external usb thumb key, as suggested, and It seems to work flawlessly. I still have a couple problems / questions about that : 1) performance : graphical performance and cpu performance is lower using clover : 8400 (geekbench) compared to 9900 using chameleon and my dsdt. Any clue about how can i fix it? 2) vga connector does not work in clover, unfortunately ... i couldn't find anything how to get it working in clover. In snow leopard it is pretty "automatic" , but HDMI doesn't work in snow... any solution to get vga working on yosemite and to get it working on clover? I have black screen using VGA connector with clover and it works ok with snow leopard with chameleon. I have nvidia card (geforce 210 1gb) 3) internal audio does not work...i would like to use properly patched AppleHDA of course, not voodoo... any suggestion? i found and modified the VirusX config.plist file, but audio and graphics does not work here. thanks! mal
  6. Hi, thanks for reply. I would like to have kext and config files because i cannot get it working with clover. My n53sv is 1920x1080 fullhd screen. may you share them? Main problem in chameleon are audio, ps2 touchpad , etc ... Thanks!
  7. hello, has anyone tried using clover and yosemite with n53sv? thanks
  8. manmal

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    anyone updated to 10.9.4 already? is it safe?
  9. hello, has anyone a solution for audio hdmi & N53SV in mavericks? Both with applehda and voodoohda ... Thanks!
  10. manmal

    Asus 1201N Installation and support

    venice : isn't 10.9.3 better than 10.8.5 ? why posting a 10.8.5 guide instead? Thanks and sorry for the question
  11. hi, does hdmi work for you (audio+video)? here it doesn't work...
  12. manmal

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    hello asusg73, yes, if you are able to use your solder you can do the work. Be very careful that the tip must be very thin because the components are smd. And yes i will be very much interested in your solution for applehda and isight !! May you share such infos/files with us? Thanks!
  13. manmal

    G73SW - 10.9 Install

    hello, i am using a semi-professional soldering station , like the one ellnic mentioned(with temperature control). I have had bad experiences soldering stuff with cheap soldering irons. Avoid them. I am using a "pump"-manual-tool for removing existing stuff(it was the most difficult part and you will end damaging some tracks if you are not expert in that or doing it for the first time). Hope this helps... but talking back about g73sw : are there updated kexts somewhere (like applehda / ioaudiofamily for latest 10.9.2) or are we using the same stuff at the beginning of the thread? Are the oldnapalm ones updated ones or still the same? Thanks!
  14. did anyone try updating it to 10.9.2 ? Are kext files still the same? Do they work? Thanks!