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  1. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    Bringing this back from the dead, just wanted to post that iatkos s3 v2 can be installed onto this machine. However, the graphics kext that fools it to think that it is the x3100 series chip to get at least native resolution does not work and only will cause kernal panic as it is somewhat unable to recognize the device and such. (I am only really installing osx86 on this problematic setup because of the need to use iMovie). As for the current x4500 solution, it does work on older releases, 10.5.5 at least.
  2. loserpro2

    WWDC 09 Overview

    with regards to the 13" macbook pro, i found out that the audio in and audio out have turned out to become one socket/port that supports both audio out and in together. audio in can be selected manually. however, i sort of don't understand why apple chose to merge the two into one for the 13". also, if you wanted to input audio into the macbook, would it lower the possible highest audio quality? its says analog audio input only, not digital audio input.. so i'm wondering if i wanted to use audio applications with it, will it cause the audio quality to lower?
  3. loserpro2

    GMA X4500

    well, if there are updates, i'd like to know. since virtual OS X is not the best solution...
  4. loserpro2

    Msi Breaks out the photocopiers

    is it ok if i ask? intel GMA 500 is the X4500 series graphics chipset is it? that surely will make it hackbook unfriendly, like my x200 which i have now resorted to virtual leo..
  5. loserpro2

    ideneb leopard on lenovo sl500

    in customise, select the following - intel CPU flag = 1 (makes it think that there is one cpu or something, its required on particular and most intel cpus to make it work) - 256 Nvidia graphics driver (if it doesn't work, search on the forum for 9300gs supporting driver as the new macbooks now use nvidia chips) - wi-fi should be left with default settings, unless there is a driver that supports your wifi, then you will need to install that driver. customise is important in the install process as it tells the mac install program to install which of the correct drivers and kexts for mac to work properly on your particular laptop/desktop. i wished my X200 didn't use the Intel Chipset. it kinda sucks.
  6. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    bluetooth out of the blue today worked on my laptop. wonder if the wifi will work without installing any kext.
  7. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    whey boiledice, for audio, it worked straight out of the box for me with the kalyway 10.5.2 disk on default settings. (whether the audio is hd i don't really know but at least there's audio) i'm not sure if its cause u used a different disk to install osx86 which is why some people i heard - like simon - doesn't have audio. i would like to help you by extracting the kext and then send them to you however, i don't know how to extract them. maybe its a simple process, but i guess i don't know how to do it. bkendall, ok - thanks for the discription. but did you try the kext i have posted last night? i'm not sure if it's an intel thing but i think it might work on yours. maybe double check with osx86 tools to see what hardware it actually is, like mine is the intel Gigabit 82567LM despite still being refered as a gigabit chip and the kext works for it. but if antheros is sort of "really being {censored}" and not letting you at least get the ethernet chip working, then i guess you have to wait. but of course, i will be on the lookout for it. other info: got my external usb "dongle"/adapter - OMIZ bluetooth v2.0+EDR and plugged it into the x200 like on my desktop which worked like a charm, but sadly it doesn't save any kext or something to make the internal one work. wished all the drivers were made... edit (12 nov 08) - i think sleep mode doesn't work yet on my X200....
  8. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    yay, did it just now, was probably a few minutes job, the kext patch worked. i'm thinking why it didn't work last night was due to my user account did not have a password and for kext installer B7 to work it needed a password. i will still be on the lookout for other drivers/kexts.
  9. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    btw, does anyone know if there is a bluetooth driver for this series chipset that works? i've heard iatkos has one but i'm not sure. and at the moment i'm still using kalyway for my osx86 installs.
  10. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    by the way, boiledice, can you refer to which post it is? cause there are a few posts relating to the drivers, just want to make sure i download the correct drivers to see which one it is. edit hkt 1026pm 06/11/08: i think i found the driver, intel82566mm.kext and related right? however, it worked for a split second on my computer and now i still can't get the ethernet to work for some reason. i've installed/reinstalled the kext a few times and not much reaction. i might need some extra advice to see if i can get this going. also having checked the hardware information again with the list above and with osx86 tools made by pcwiz, my gigabit network connection driver/hardware is the intel 82567LM one and i'm not sure if this is the issue. thanks for all the contributions though. one more edit, after reading one of those blog threads, i realised that i might need to do some editing with kextstat. anyways, if that is so, i might reinstall kalyway 10.5.2 again with the extra tools provided cause i have nothing to help me resolve this at the moment. will have to confirm with you guys a bit later. thanks again.
  11. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    ^boiledice, sorry for me to take this long to respond you, have been dealing with some school life. firstly, thanks for the link, i will try it out some time tomorrow if possible and give feedback. bkendall, when you say atheros do you mean the brand of the ethernet chip/card or the kext that came along on an install disk? i just wanna make sure which one cause i suddenly have forgotten if the atheros ethernet is the chip or a kext file.
  12. loserpro2

    intel G45 and osx86?

    if you're talking about the intel G45 chipset as in the one with the intel x4500 series graphics chip or so chipset, i can say that it is possible to install osx86 on it. however, it should be noted that due to no support yet for the graphics - at least, the x4500, you will most likely end up with the 1024x768 resolution with no QE/CI support. depending on what type of lan card/chip you use, as well as bluetooth, you might not have support on that either. like my lenovo thinkpad x200.
  13. loserpro2

    Installing 10.5.2 kalyway on Lenovo X200

    hey boiledice, i don't have the ethernet card driver, and i think the other person posted on this thread doesn't have it either. it's annoying at the moment cause firstly we still do not know if apple will continue to use intel chipsets such as the ones on your sony and my x200 the intel G45/x4500 if i am correct, and no one is willing to make one themselves or something yet.
  14. loserpro2

    intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    well, i do hope they do so, so i can finally get my thinkpad X200 graphics right! but then, i'd think i'd still be worried about the bluetooth, which works from the iatkos disk i think and the wifi and internet port which doesn't work yet.
  15. loserpro2

    intel G45 chipset and x4500 graphics...

    ^then has anyone went round to try it?