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  1. 10.7.2 ION 9400M with QE/CI - No HW Acc HD video

    Any updates on this? I have an ion running 10.7.2 as well and would love to see full acceleration!
  2. Nvidia EVGA GTX 570HD SC

    I really appreciated the guide for 570 on Lion 10.7.3. IVe done everything you mention in the guide however I get nearly half your FPS in Cinebench. I have a core i7 990x, Gigabyte x58 UD7 and a Evga Gtx 570 HD with 2560 ram. I noticed that my NVHAL file doesnt look the same as yours, I did try to use the one in your guide but, I had 1280 resolution afterwards. I edited my original file and got a very slight increase. I also added my device ID to Applegraphicspowermanagement too. I DID install the Nvidia Update drivers but it may have slowed things down? Also, I have another installation of 10.7.2 that gets around 35fps, all same hard ware. Please help! Thanks! Kevlar
  3. I CANNOT GET GEEKBENCH TO RUN...any ideas? IT only works as Rosetta and Im trying to confirm if my machine is running at full spec! I have the following Core i7 930 12 gb of 1600mhz ram GB-X58-UD7 128gb SSD BFG GeForce 285 OXC thanks for any help! Kevlar
  4. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thanks for the reply. Im actually on a m1530 and im using the m1530 dsdt. Are you suggesting I use the 1330 dsdt for my m1530? I would really like more control over my Alps touchpad and unfortunately the voodoo controller doesnt seem to work on my system even after trying various versions. Kev
  5. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Nobody? Im not a hackin-noob....ive tried many PS2 controller kexts but pretty much same results. This QE issues is strange as well....Performance of video seems to be ok but the transparent bar at top and the non liquid effect of the dashboard makes me think im not 100% on performance. Also, this more GHZ in "ABOUT THIS MAC" = to less Benchmark points in GEEKBENCH is way strange. K
  6. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thanks for the quick reply! 1.) I have tried and also tried it again still same. Mouse works smoothly, Tapping always annoyingly on, no scrolling whatsoever, the trackpad pref pane doesnt effect cursor in any way...NORMAL mouse pref does effect cursor speed... Voodoops2pref pane gives synamptecs or whatever message. 2.) Well my top bar isn't transparent and also I read elsewhere is your QE is working, the dashboard will use an effect to come on screen, mine doesn't. SO i tried checking again in OSX86 and I got this error " APPLESCRIPT Can’t make "The domain/default pair of (com.apple.windowserver, QuartzGLEnabled) does not exist" into type boolean. (-1700 " 3.) Speed stepping not top of the list will check later. 4.) I decided to GeekBench this machine as well to see if I could gain performance as I tweaked. I noticed Geekbench was displaying 2.49 GHZ processor and memory speed of 664, it should be 2.5ghz and 667mhz for memory speed. I did a geekbench anyway. Then I changed my Smbios and com.apple files and that corrected the spvd and memory speed HOWEVER, my Geekbench score went down by almost a 100 points!!! Crazy. I am using Geekbench 32bit (unregistered). Any ideas? Priorities: 1.) Mouse Fixed, 2.) QUARTZ EXTREME, 3.) PERFORMANCE / PROPER GHZ display? Thanks in advance for your input and help. Kev
  7. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hello Fellas! I have just about everything working on my Dell M1530 2.5ghz, 4gb ram, ALPS, 8600gt video... Im FULLY UPDATED to 10.6.5 and all software is up to date. Im using Chameleon RC5 629. No dual boot...just osx. Wow..I just said that lol, been a PC person along time. There is only one thing I havent been able to fix, and one that im just unsure about. 1.) Track pad 2 finger scrolling, and stopping the cursor jumping on my ALPS touchpad. Ive tried using several voodoops2controllers from this and other threads but still no go. Im sure I dont have any other PS2 kexts laying around as this is an uber clean install. (10 installs later ive gotten it down to a science with these exceptions lol). Currently Im using Voodoops2controller and the mouse works well however no scrolling whatsoever. At one point with a different Voodoops2 version scrolling would work if I took 2 fingers and pressed really hard and rolled down but that was nearly unusable. 2.) Im not sure if Quartz Extreme is running (ive enabled via osx86 tools, but when I click on it again to check the tools crashes. ALSO, how do I check if Speed Stepping is working? Has anyone tried undervolting their m1530? Im really Appreciative of everyones help and efforts! Vj Kevlar
  8. Another issue... Im also realizing that im not getting Quartz Extreme accleration. When I use osx86 tools, it will not allow me to bring up the menu and gives a "...registry.." blah blah error. Sorry to be so Vague....Ive been over so many threads my head is spinning. lol Thanks again! Kev Awesome, ill try it tonight. Im not worried about windows as I think Im about to completely switch. Any ideas on Quartz extreme? Before I was using this DSDT, I had NATIT.kext working fine including QTZ Extreme...but that kext prevents shutdowns and such. Hmm.... Thanks again and in advance! Kev
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I actually remembered the Windoze software off/on effects osx thing after my post, unfortunately I destroyed my MBR of my vista partition when I was trying to install chamelion. That will have to be another post in another thread lol. Do you have a link for that chamelion build? Is it an installer or do I have to install manually? Thanks again! Kevlar
  10. Hello Fellow geeks lol. Ive been following the scene for awhile...im on my 6th hackintosh, a Dell m1530 2.5ghz Nvidia 8600gt 4gb ram blah blah. Ive read every page of this thread, which seems that is being followed mostly by m1330 users, and several other m1530 threads but still have gotten this beast past 90% working. Im running the last m1530 ANYCPU DSDT from this article and some various kexts. Everything is working EXCEPT the following: Bluetooth SHUTDOWN WORKS - but RESTART hangs MY CPU reports as 2.49 ghz.... During my many install attempts I, when using Superhai's boot disk I did see 2.5ghz. Would that definitely be my DSDT causing the cpu speed misreport? Any positive support is greatly appreciated! Kevlar
  11. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Thanks for the reply! Its all the blow up posts that made me so tired from reading them that i post what im looking for! Time we came up with a better system then this bloated post method. Good luck to everyone on streamlining their performance! Best Regards, Kevlar
  12. Snow Leopard And Evga Gtx 295

    Did you ever find a guide? Im running a GTX285 OCX ...everything SEEMS to run fine but when geekbench crashes so im thinking my video card isnt installed right. I also am purchasing a 295 hydrocooled so I could really use the guide! thanks! K
  13. SL 10.6 Final Cut Pro QT export problem

    Any updates? Similar issues, Compressor just crashes after clicking on it. HAvent exported from Final Cut yet. k
  14. Hello fellow Hackintoshers Thanks for all your help. Here is what I have going on now. Sound Works - stereo only out of subwoofer jack, weird. Both Ethernet ports work - every so often another ethernet jack is found (a 3rd jack) but it doesnt enable when I connnect a cable to either ports so thats weird. Occassionally, the machine will give me black screen of death Occassionally, the video card will show a static like look (like a tv with bad reception) so I turn monitor off, then on, and its fine. Final Cut Studio 3.0 Apps had/have issues - Final Cut wouldnt start after firewire check, I found a fix on some other boards, seems ok. Motion, same story, seems ok now. COMPRESSOR - Crashes as soon as I click on it. Still no fix found! Plz help. I also cannot find a TEMPERATURE application for OSX that will correctly locate my sensors. My system: CPU: Core i7 930 (not overclocked yet) MB: Gigabyte X58-UD7 Rev.20 RAM: 12 GB 2000mhz Corsair ram GPU: BFG 285ocx H/D: 120 GB SSD, 2TB 7200 RPM HD COOLING: STOCK till I Overclock
  15. GA-X58A-UD7 ALC889 No Audio

    So I seem to have gotten it Reliably working now and my Ethernet is working fine as well.... What I did, IM NOT SURE.....exactly...but I went back and forth between the two APPLEHDA versions I had....copying in, fixing permisions, rebooting Ethernet would work, no sound....then Ethernet was broken but I had sound....and on the 3 round.. BOTH WORKED. It's slightly possible I did something else but If so I cant remember it. NOTE: Sound only comes out of one of the other ports, I think rear or side, in stereo only. NOT sure if Record works. IS THERE ANYONE THAT HAS SURROUND WORKING and RECORD?